Why People Troll On The Internet And What Makes Them So Cruel

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The picture you see below is of Lizzie Velasquez. Lizzie was born with a rare genetic disease called Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome that does not allow her to gain weight. At age 17, she came across Youtube video that mocked her.

Why? For no good reason.

She started uploading videos to help people come out of their complexes, to influence others, and get comments on her videos to raise awareness. She got a lot of hurtful comments, people taunting her and simply leaving toxic remarks.

This story is just one example of Internet trolling.

While trolling usually involves humor when exchanged amongst friends, the line may be crossed and feelings get hurt. Urban Dictionary’s top-rated definition for “trolling,” is Being a prick on the Internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent bystander, because it’s the Internet and, hey, you can.”

An Internet troll is a prick that will do anything to create chords of disharmony online or break down another person’s confidence.

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According to an article in Psychology Today in an online study by Canadian researchers, 1200 people were given personality tests. The aim was to find out if there is a link between the “Dark Tetrad” of personality traits (narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism) and trolling. Can you guess the result? Well, of course, they found a correlation.

5.6% of participants admitted they enjoy trolling; they exhibited some dark personality traits.

People like this will go to the extent of throwing out false facts, hurling insults, using bad language and do anything to hurt you for the sole purpose of trying to get a reaction.

don't feed the troll

For trolls, hurting someone gives them sheer happiness and a strong sense of self-worth; they nourish themselves from your discomfort.  For all you know, that is what they stand for—causing chaos.

The only way to get rid of these trolls is to not give them the satisfaction of a response; ignore them and spread positive vibes only.

Share the positivity with your friends and family.

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