7 Signs That You Might Have An Intimidating Personality

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What does it mean to have an Intimidating personality? Is it dangerous? Is having this kind of personality a character flaw?

We here at FeedFond will explain the signs of an Intimidating personality and how it affects your surroundings.

Strong or intimidating people have often overcome hardships or obstacles that shaped their personality. That’s why they view the world differently. They may come over as rude or crass in the way they react. However, if you take the time to see behind their tough exterior, you’ll see that they are just like any other person.

Intimidating people have a few common traits. See which ones you have in common:

7. Strong-willed with an Iron Fist

Strong Willed

It is safe to say that intimidating people are strong-willed. Their will isn’t just strong, it’s ironclad. In addition, they have unlimited endurance and can fight through impossible situations through sheer willpower. So, they may look tough by nature, but in reality, they are kind-hearted people.

6. Honest and Blunt


Strong willed people highly value honesty. So, their words have weight and they keep their promises. They are always straightforward in their opinions to everybody and lying is never an option.

5. Open Minded and Explorer

Open Minded

The willingness to try new things and create opportunities is one of the most common traits among intimidating personality types. Their courage to take advantages of opportunities also creates more chances of success.

4. Hates Complainers

Hates Complainers

As people with strong personalities have a steadfast work ethic and they do not like complaining. They know that plans often go awry. So, when there is a problem, they put their problem-solving skills to work with calm and rational reasoning.

3. Hates Willful Ignorance

Hates Willful Ignorance

Most strong-willed people are quite educated. It may be from a reputable institution or through years of personal experience. They are open-minded, yes, but they definitely do not tolerate ignorant and judgmental people.

2. Wise and Calm


Having a tough background, intimidating types have gathered many real-life experiences that make them wise beyond their years. They also think things through and don’t rush into decisions.

1. Hates Small Talk

Hates Small Talk

Strong personality types usually hate small talk. They love to engage in intelligent conversations and want to discuss worthwhile topics. They would rather sit alone than indulge in meaningless conversations.



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