10 Kinds Of Men That Women Absolutely Can’t Resist


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As the stereotype goes, women are hard to please. Some men spend their whole life trying to figure just what is it that women really want in a guy.

Well, FeedFond has a list of 10 kinds of men that women simply find irresistible. So men, pay attention and keep reading!

#1 Spontaneous enough to propose crazy ideas!

Women can’t help fall for spontaneity in men. Just for no reason, if a man asks a woman to go on a weekend getaway with him, it’s thrilling. Women love mystery!

#2 Persistent enough to turn a “no” to a “yes”!

Sometimes women say “No” but they mean “Yes”. So men, keep your persistence so that the woman you love gives in to her true feelings!

#3 Inspiring enough to run the distance.

Women love men who praise and inspire them for their talent and egg them on to go the distance. If she wants to be a painter, encourage her to enroll in art classes. If she hasn’t made it through an audition, cheer her up and tell her there’s always next time.

#4 Thoughtful enough to surprise with sweet nothings.

It’s not true that diamonds are a girls’ best friends. Well, not always. Men, just listen carefully and try to catch what she likes. It could be a Bluetooth speaker she has had her eye on for a while. Or some potted plants to line the kitchen windowsill. See the warmth she exudes when you show how thoughtful you have been.

#5 Witty enough to laugh out loud.

Women love to laugh and so a man who’s witty will always score a point! As long as the subject of humor and wit has nothing to do with her person, it’s a good idea to make her laugh.

#6 Caring enough to do the small things. 

Listen up men! It’s a sure-shot way to win a woman’s heart if you show genuine sincerity and care. Ask her how her day was and be really interested. Just send a text and ask what she had for lunch and how her meeting went. It makes women feel that there’s somebody out there who really cares enough about them to ask such questions.

#7 Positive enough to break into a song!

Women love a man who is bright and happy all the time. This positive mood naturally flows into the woman and makes her feel good. So it’s a great idea for men to smile, joke and be playful more often.

#8 Supportive enough with strong shoulders.

Men should be the pillows for women to cry on. Their shoulders must be supportive and ready for his lady to lean on after a rough day. So men, show off those strong shoulders!

#9 Honest enough to face all odds. 

It’s okay if men don’t want to spend an evening with their lady love. All they need to do is be honest about it. No need to make up lies or stories. Just give it to them straight on the rocks!

#10 Respectful enough to pay attention. 

Women need to be shown and told that men respect them. Men who are respectful toward women will never fail to win their hearts. It’s important to give women their worth as a juggler who plays multiple roles at home and work.

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