Creativity At Its Best: Check Out How The Residents Of Japan Played With Snow


Earlier, we showed you mesmerizing images of winter from Oymyakon and the Big Freeze that gripped Northern US and Canada. In continuation of the winter photography series, check out these amazing photos of snow sculptures from Japan.

We know that Japan is the home to some of the most creative artwork and innovation the world has ever seen, and people here play even with snow to make some beautiful snow sculptures. The results do not fail to make us exclaim to ourselves “Oh my! they do know to get creative”. 

Which one was your favorite? Do tell us in the comments below.

#40. Yoshi 

#39. Pika-choooo?

# 38. Fox

#37. Well, a demon froze

#36. A song from the sea

#35. Baymax with a blue umbrella

#34. Now this is scary

#33. Royalty at its “snowest”

#32. A little shade

#31. Pika on a mountain of snow.

#30. Huh?!?

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