5 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean With Pets


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If you’re a pet owner, no doubt you love your furry friend dearly and treat him or her just like any other member of the family. However, pets come with their own downside – they tend to create a lot of mess in the home.

With pet hair on your surfaces, muddy paw prints on your floors and lingering pet odors around your house, it can be difficult to keep your house clean.

If you’re looking for handy hints for keeping your home clean with pets, we’ve brought you a few tips that will make it much easier than you imagined to get rid of smells, fur, and marks which plague your property!

1. Get Rid Of Those Pet Hairs

 The biggest problem that most people experience when they have a pet in the home is pet hair. It spreads all over their furniture and floors. Many cats and dogs shed hair at a phenomenal rate, and while the easiest solution is to choose an animal that is known for its non-shedding coat.

However, if you already have a pet at home which is better known for its stunning long coat than for its ease of care, you’ll need some advice about tackling the pet hair problem.

When it comes to eradicating hair from soft furnishings, a lint roller is an ideal tool. By simply rubbing it over your sofas, cushions and bed linen regularly, you can remove unwanted stray hairs.

Of course, it’s important to vacuum regularly, however, vacuuming alone isn’t enough to remove all pet hairs from your surfaces, and a lint roller will get rid of the hairs that you’ve missed along the way.

If you have a pet which sheds excessively, you might find it easier to simply buy a few throws to pop over your sofas and chairs so that you can remove them more regularly for washing.

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2. Cleaning Up After Accidents

An inevitable consequence of pet ownership is that from time to time there’s bound to be one or two accidents. Whether you’re training your new puppy to go outdoors to go potty, whether you’re helping a kitten to learn to use a litter tray, or he can’t make it outside in time, feces and urine leave stains on your floors and furniture that are tricky to remove.

While there have been many cleaning sprays launched on the market to clean up after pet accidents and to eradicate the odors which linger, you can simply use products that you already have in your home which are just as effective and substantially cheaper.

Even better, those natural solutions won’t harm pets or children with toxic chemicals. Baking soda is known for its neutralizing properties, and sprinkling it over the area where your pet had their accident before bed at night and then vacuum it back up in the morning will remove unpleasant smells.

The stains can also be easily removed by making up a solution using water and white wine vinegar. When dabbed onto the area, all visible evidence will be removed.

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3. Cleaning Smelly Bedding

 Whether your pet chooses to sleep on your own bed or whether they have their own bed, it’s likely they will leave their distinct odor wherever they rest. Although you’re probably used to the unique smell of your dog or cat, visitors to your home may dislike the odor that your pet creates, so you may want to take a few steps to get rid of smells before any guests arrive.

Add a cup of baking soda to the wash cycle of your washing machine, pop the bedding in and set it going. You’ll find that not only does the bedding come out clean, it’ll smell extremely fresh!

4. Keeping Pet Odors At Bay

Pet odors have a tendency to pervade through your home if you don’t find a way of stopping them in their tracks. While you could invest in air fresheners for every room, the chemical aroma can be cloying and may even cause breathing problems for those who have sensitivities.

Natural lavender essential oil can help you solve this problem. This amazing substance boasts a host of amazing benefits. Not only does it have a delightful smell that will overcome even the most persistent pet odor, but it also helps to calm anxious pets while deterring fleas and ticks from landing on their coats.

Simply apply a little lavender essential oil to their bedding, and on your pet’s back (between the shoulder blades so they will be unable to lick at it) and smells, pests and anxiety will be a thing of the past.

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5. Hygienic Floors

Pets spend a lot of their day outdoors, and that means that when they come inside they often tread dirty paw prints over your flooring. It can be a time-consuming task to constantly mop away the dirt and grime that your pet tracks in, and even when you do, you can’t be certain that any bacteria which has been brought in along with it has been eradicated.

The perfect solution is to invest in a steam cleaner. These clever machines are an essential item in any household with hard floors, but especially one with pets since it can effectively clean and sanitize the floor in one fell swoop.

In Conclusion

If you pay attention to these helpful tips, you’ll find you have a fresh, clean and pleasant smelling home no matter how many pets you have. Although it might seem an insurmountable challenge to clean up after your furry friend, you’ll find that the handy hints that we’ve offered will make the task much easier than you ever imagined.

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