20 Beautiful Illustrations Perfectly Portrays How It Feels To Be In Love.

When we choose our partner, we do so with the hope that we will remain together through thick and thin. We wish that our relationship remains strong and sees us through in our old age.

These drawings of Korean artist, Puuung, epitomize such relationships that remain sweet and loving as they grow from strength to strength.

FeedFond has selected 20 such drawings that will leave you with a warm glow. Scroll down to have a look!

#1 Will you marry me?

#2 I can’t believe we’re married!

#3 Loving our Italian honeymoon!

#4 I love to start the day with a morning kiss.

#5 I want to travel the whole world with you.

#6 Honey I’m home!

#7 I love it when we catch up on everything that happened today!

#8 There’s nothing like watching the rain together and having our cuppa.

#9 Time to snuggle!

#10 Hey help me in the kitchen!

#11 I love blowing bubbles with you!

#12 Can I get you some soup?

#13 Let’s do some reading before we head out!

#14 I miss you when you’re not around.

#15 There, there, everything will be alright.

#16 Would love to see you in this dress!

#17 Let me wipe the crumbs off your mouth, darling.

#18 What a fantastic weather for a romantic picnic!

#19 I love having fun in the snow with you!

#20 I really hope we will be friends till the end of time.

Hope you liked this post which is based on the drawings taken from GRAFOLIO.

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