8 Daily Habits That Might Just Save Your Life One Day


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No matter where you are, you don’t know when you might get into a dangerous situation. Some statistics suggest that we currently live in one of the calmest periods in the history of mankind. Nevertheless, the world remains dangerous and a mysterious place.

As creatures of habit, theoretically, there is nothing we can’t master. So follow these 8 simple habits—they might help save your life one day.


#1 Take your keys, money, and a charged phone when you go out

Whenever you are going out, always make sure that you keep these things with you. No exceptions.

Why?: Keep your phone with you when you go out. It’s your personal means of communication. You’ll be able to call for a ride or emergency services. Keeping some money is always helpful, you don’t know when it might be needed.


#2 Say sorry if you bump into someone

Even if you aren’t to blame for the bump, apologize and keep going.

Why?: Accidental bumps are so sudden that you don’t notice who you ran into. The person may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and might lash out aggressively. He or she might even be carrying a weapon. A simple sorry will cool heads quickly and may save you more than your life!


#3 Always know your exits

No matter where you are, always know your exits—preferably more than one. It doesn’t matter if it’s easy or hard.

Why?: Bad situations aren’t planned—they happen suddenly. By the time you know what’s going on,  it’ll be already too late to search for an exit. If you know where they are beforehand, you can move toward them without overthinking.


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#4 Observe people when in crowds and public area

Play a little game with yourself when you are in a crowd or while traveling on public transport. Observe who is agitated, nervous, or frightened.

Why?: Our intuitions are rarely mistaken. If you feel a dangerous vibe from someone, –they probably are. Stay away from them.


#5 Count the rows to the emergency exit in an airplane

After boarding a plane, before taking your seat, see where the nearest emergency exit is. Then, count the rows from you to the exit and memorize the number.

Why?: If there is something wrong with the aircraft—smoke, emergency landing, etc.—you might miss the exit sign in the dim lights. If you know the row numbers between your seat and the exit, you can move towards it by counting the headrests.


#6 Strengthen your wrists

Staying healthy and fit will help you in various ways. However, try to specifically strengthen your wrists. Why? Your wrists get tired the fastest. Hand grips will help you a lot in this exercise.

Why?: There are various situations where your grip strength will come in handy. There are almost no situations where it will act negatively. You might need to hold onto a ledge for support or grab someone from falling down. A strong grip will allow you to do all these things more effectively.


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#7 If you feel threatened, raise your head and proceed with caution

When people sense danger, they speed up and instinctively lower their heads. You should do the opposite—be confident, raise your chin and slow down.

Why?: If you lower your head you are signaling you are prey. The perpetrator will be more naturally inclined to attack. And with your head lowered, you might not even see him/her coming. If you are confident, look straight ahead and slow down a bit.  The perp will more likely hesitate and think twice. Don’t be an easy target.


#8 Escape from a sinking car by removing the glass

If you are inside a sinking car, first unbuckle yourself. Don’t try to open the door! Instead, roll down your windows. If your windows are stuck, break it with a heavy object e.g. removable headrest.

Why?: You will have very little time to escape a sinking car—probably a minute or so. Don’t waste precious time trying to open the door. It won’t budge because of the water pressure around you. You will be able to go out the window easier and much faster.

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Please let us know if you know any tips or comment on this. 


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