BIG NO! Avoid these 16 Design Mistakes in Your Living Room

The living room is most often where you welcome and make your guests, friends, and family comfortable. It’s the most used room in the house, perhaps after the kitchen. Given this, you should design your living room in a way that is cozy and has the right kind of lighting and decor—among other things.

FeedFond has collected 16 design mistakes to avoid in your living room. Scroll down to find out.

#16 Lighting in only the center of the room

Avoid having a chandelier in the center of the living room as the only source of light. Your moods will change and so will the weather. There will likely be days in which you may want to have softer lighting to suit your mood. Have spotlights, floor lamps, wall lighting or reading lamps along the sides or corners of the living room to give it more warmth.

#15 Wrong size rug or no rug at all

If you have a large living room, accentuate it with a rug—but make sure it’s the correct size. A rug that’s too small would look out-of-place while having no rug at all can make it look too bare and bland. A large rug gives the living room a visually-appealing space and completes the look; it should tie in with other decorative accents.

#14 Misplaced TV

A blank wall is an optimal place to set a TV. Don’t place it near or in front of a window, as this will affect your vision. Make sure the distance between your TV and the sofa is 3-5 diagonals (equivalent length of the screen).

#13 Oversized cushions for small sofa

Don’t leave your sofa blank. Put cushions there with covers matching the fabric of the sofa upholstery. If the sofa is made from velvet or velour, don’t use cotton or linen cushion covers. Cushions can make your living room look cozy and warm. Use large cushions if your sofa is big or a couple of small ones for a smaller sofa.

#12 Sofa by the wall

The sofa should only be placed by the wall if the living room is large. Otherwise, placing the sofa away from the wall will free up space and make your living room appear larger.

#11 Dark furniture in rooms with a low-ceiling

If you place dark furniture in spaces with a low-ceiling, it will make the living room look cramped. Neutral shades of furniture that are neat and compact can offset the space constriction as a result of a low ceiling.

#10 Choose furniture according to design

When you go furniture shopping, don’t get stuck on something that might have caught your eye. Sit on it and see whether it’s comfortable; think of how well it would fit into the design of your living room space.

#9 Bulky furniture

Large, bulky furniture is no longer in fashion. Choose sleek furniture with straight lines and silhouettes to give a neat look to your living room. If you have a traditional sofa, make sure the upholstery is a modern color and design.

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#8 Poorly-placed photo frames

When you hang photo frames, make sure that the center of the photo is 153 cm from the floor. Make a hanging gallery on one wall if you have too many frames, instead of placing them in every corner.

#7 Mistaken size of furniture

A small living room with large furniture will make it look even smaller. A two-seater sofa with some armchairs are better for a small living room and will give some breathing space.

#6 The center of the room isn’t focused

Create a space within your living room that attracts attention and focus. It could be a piece of artwork or a fireplace or a mirror. The seating area can also be focused on by using contrast colors and different shapes and sizes of cushions.

#5 Plants in small pots

Instead of placing small plant pots in various places or on the window sill, put one large potted plant to give your living room a cozy look.

#4 Old-fashioned sofa covers

Choose modern prints and mix them up to give a contemporary look to your furniture. Warm seasons will ask for neutral and pastel shades, whereas in winters, you can use warm colors to brighten up and give your living room some warmth.

#3 Only one style

If you follow just one style of furniture and upholstery, things will become boring. Do your living room a favor and choose a mix of retro, loft, or grunge styles to give a contemporary, welcoming look.

#2 Curtains draped in the wrong way

Hang your curtains as high and as wide as possible to make your living room appear larger.

#1 Leather couch in wrong shades


Never place a leather couch with the wrong shades of leather and design that gives the impression of a female private part! Someone was not thinking with the above design.

Which one of these design faux pas have you been guilty of? Share your thoughts on how you would improve your living room design in the Comments section below. If you want design ideas for your home, check out 14 Unbelievably Low-Cost Ways to Give Your Home a Brand-New Look.

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