For Every Girl Who Lost Herself In A Toxic Relationship

Relationships and love, are meant to strengthen our spirits, to make us better people, to make us accept ourselves for who we are and to strongly feel a sense of companionship and belonging. Loving the wrong person leads to heartbreaks that may seem to be incurable. If you have ever been in a relationship with a narcissist, you would know how they creep into your life and, though you gave them your heart and all, the love is not mutual.

They create a void in your heart from within, the ache is unbearable and you might lose your sense of self. But, to every girl who has had her heart broken by a narcissist, know that your spirit is still strong inside of you, know that you are loved and you will rise to be better than ever before. This open letter is for you to read,

I trusted him

He made me feel safe

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I loved him

He made me a prisoner of my love

I lost myself to a narcissistic person

But, I found myself again..

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