8 Changes Your Body Will Go Through After Ditching Carbs

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Most of us are guilty of indulging in sinful pleasures of simple carbohydrates like cookies and chocolates. There are times when we don’t care about the consequences and we don’t want to shift our diet to low-carb.

However, opting for a low-carb or no carb diet is a healthy option. There are a few changes to prepare for when we finally shun the baked goodies and other forms of simple carbs—our body goes through incredible changes.

Here are some of the changes you should be prepared for:

#8 Your body will begin to burn fat

Carbohydrates fuel our body and are major sources of energy. Now that you have cut the carbs, the body is simply going to run on the fat already stored in your body. This will also help you to lose weight.

#7  You will get a flatter tummy

A bloated stomach is usually caused by unhealthy microbes consuming sugar and taking over healthy the microbes that munch on fiber. Now, these healthy microbes help us to be lean. Once you’ve  cut down on sugar, healthy microbes take over and can end up reducing the bloated belly. A simple tip to help achieve a better waistline is to incorporate beans, whole grain bread or raw nuts to your diet.

#6 You will have fewer food cravings

What makes us full is the satiety factor, which is highly dependent upon the food’s nutrients. Even if you eat something high in calories but low in nutrition and satiety, chances are high that you will still feel hungry throughout the day. You will definitely eat a lot without feeling full. In fact, there’s a proven link between simple carbohydrates and food addiction. Proteins, vegetables, and fruits help reduce those extra food cravings.

#5 You will have bad breath

If you follow a low-carb diet and get into ketosis, your body will start to produce ketones. Although short-term, it’s a consequence you can’t avoid— you will have bad breath. Also, due to the loss of water in the initial stages of the low carb diet, you can develop a dry mouth. The best solution is drinking a lot of water.

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#4 Your risk of diabetes is reduced

The fiber-rich complex carbs from a low carb diet are difficult to digest; as a result, sugar spikes will be prevented and your body will produce less insulin. In turn, tissues will be more “insulin-sensitive” which is very good for the body—it significantly reduces the risks of diabetes.

#3 You may feel either more energized or tired

Depending on what you consume and your body type, you will either feel more energized or more sluggish. The tiredness will be due to eliminating sugar, which is our source of energy when we are consuming carbs. On the other hand, the energized feeling will be from a consistent flow of good complex carbohydrates coming from food like quinoa or oatmeal, if you consume an ample amount. Hence, before going on a low carb diet, make sure to plan well so that your body does not feel sick.

#2 You will have stronger muscles

Simple carbohydrates lack proteins, which are the major blocks building your muscles. It won’t really help your muscles develop—you have to add protein When you are following a low-carb diet, the proteins you will be consuming will nourish the body well and aid in muscle development, without you having to worry about extra calories.

#1 Your risk of heart diseases will be reduced

According to study, a reduction in carbohydrate intake leads to a reduction in triglycerides and increase in HDL of the body. Triglycerides are well known to be factors causing heart attacks so, a decrease in the triglyceride levels will lead to lower risk of heart attacks.

While a low-carb diet helps you lose weight quickly, as soon as you are back to normal diet, there is a high chance you will gain some weight back.It is always good to consult a health expert or nutritionist to help you find the ideal diet and lifestyle to suit your body.

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