Internet Reacts to the First Lady’s ‘Nightmarish’ White House Christmas Decorations

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Christmas is a season of joy and merriment. From the beautifully decorated tree, musical carols, gifts to eggnog, chocolate cookies, and warm milk—everything about Christmas gives off a warm feeling in your heart.

However, Melania Trump—the current First Lady of the United States—obviously missed the entirety of it. When her Communications Director Stephanie Grisham tweeted a photo of the White House’s festive decorations, the Internet responded.

People from all over hilariously poked at what looked like a Tim Burton-designed Christmas horror scene. The themes of The Shining, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Stranger Things were used to describe the hallway with the liberal use of Photoshop. Even Darth Vader made an appearance!

The eerie twig-lined White House hallway looks more frightening and far from merry.

Check out what juxtapositions Internet critics had to offer and upvote your favorite entries!











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