Top 13 Girly Things That Men Like To Do Secretly!


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It’s not always women who are gossip mongers or who spend hours rejuvenating themselves with “retail therapy”. There are plenty of things that the opposite sex loves to do as much as women do. But they like to keep hush-hush about it.

Check out these top 13 women stuff that guys like to indulge in without letting on!

#13 Give me the cuddles.

Men enjoy the warmth and affection of long cuddles as much as womenfolk do!

#12 Shower singers.

There’s a Frank Sinatra in every household singing his heart out as he pretends his hairbrush is his microphone.

#11 Roll those eyes!

Men also roll their eyes dramatically to convey frustration at some odd stupidity.

#10 Photogenic.

When it comes to posing to create a great photograph, men are no less than women in striking the pose.

#9 Cry babies.

Romantic and sad movies are not the forte of women only. Their better halves also feel the weight of heavy emotions and might even shed a tear or two.

#8 Shower power.

The power of women’s cosmetics doesn’t go unnoticed by the man in the house. Given the chance, he will take a dollop of that fruity shower gel to smell ever so nice.

#7 Fruity and juicy.

Whoever assumes that fruity cocktails are for women only are wrong. Men love the fruit bits in their cocktail as much as the fairer sex.

#6 Standing with hands on the hips.

Men place hands on their hips as often as or even more often than their female counterparts.

#5 Face off.

Face wash and face masks are not only the beauty bets of women. Men are also regular users of these products.

#4 Bubble bath and wine.

Men like to unwind and get over the day’s chores by relaxing in a bubble bath with a glass of wine to get that extra kick.

#3 No dance is too sexy!

Think about Justin Timberlake. He’s not the only one to do some sexy moves on or off the dance floor. The regular guys like to do it just the same as the girls.

#2 On a shopping spree!

Men love their shoes, jackets, belts and other accessories. They even spend hours on retail therapy. So don’t blame it on the women!

#1 Gossip!

Yes! Men don’t talk about sports and business ALL the time! They like to talk about scandals, big or small, same as most women.

Do you agree with this list of 13 girly things men also like to do? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below!

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