15 Things Men Absolutely Love About Pregnant Women

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When women are pregnant and expecting, they often feel insecure and miserable, comparing themselves to their normal non-pregnant state. But however hot, sweaty, bloated and ached they may feel, men find them irresistible. There is that special something with pregnant women that drives men absolutely crazy.

FeedFond has compiled a list of 15 things that men absolutely love about pregnant women. Check them out and see for yourself if that’s true in your case.

#15 The Big Belly

If you think every man is calling you a beached whale behind your back, they really aren’t. They see you as bathing beauties. Your man loves the new bump on your body and will probably rub your belly every chance he gets. So, stop worrying and let it pop out when you are at home. You will be more comfortable and hear no complaints from your man.

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#14 The baby kicks

Men love when the baby kicks inside the belly. The surreal feeling when the baby reacts will take the whole pregnancy to an entirely new level. The first time he puts his hand on your belly will be an amazing experience. Make sure you find a comfy seat, because after that moment, he will put his ears to your belly and not move until he is satisfied—never!

#13 The Girls

Well, your breasts will become larger during pregnancy. It’s normal for them to increase a cup or two. While it means itchy skin, tenderness and the lack of comfort for you. On the other hand, if you notice, your man is going to love your new chest! Take advantage of them googly eyes by wearing a low cut shirt and notice how willing he is to do more chores around the house!

#12 The Glow

The extra blood and hormones during pregnancy will make your skin plump and give it a rosy appearance. Everyone will notice that angel-like glow! At the end of your first trimester, all those pregnancy-related skin problems will go away and you’ll see your man (and others too) gazing your way often.

#11 The Cheers

Getting you pregnant is an achievement accomplished for your man. His friends, boss, and relatives will all high-five him and say “Good job!”. It’s a great ego boost to your man to affirm that his swimmers are strong and healthy.

#10 The Laughs

Your man will love the pregnancy journey. Your man will love the little pregnancy quirks you have like peeing your pants and those weird food cravings. He will even smile and nod when you are pitching a pregnancy fit screaming that it’s all his fault! He absolutely understands what you are going through and he is just as much in over his head as you. You have no control over your hormones, so might as well have a few laughs!

#9 The Security

Your man is going to love that you are off the market for the next year. He is going to feel satisfied that men aren’t eyeing you and making moves. He will enjoy that most men will run away by the sight of your big belly. Don’t be too bothered by it.

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#8 The Intimacy

Pregnant women often have a high sex drive by the time the third-trimester rolls in. Well, your man will LOVE that! At this moment he finds you super attractive because you’ll be the one initiating sex. A little creativity comes into play here, but it’s totally worth it!

#7 The Responsibility

With the coming arrival of the little one, your man will automatically be more protective than usual. Men like to fight and protect. Don’t be surprised if he goes around the house fixing things to make your life a little bit easier. He may also upgrade the home security system or get a gun! He will also defend you in public more often.

#6 The Weekly Updates

Dads don’t go through the physical part of the pregnancy, so they want to be involved with the process as much as they can. They will do their own research about pregnancy and babies. He will want to know the gritty details of everything, including various symptoms. So, don’t be afraid to share!

#5 The Maternity Pictures

Your man will act tough and all manly right until the photographer arrives. In the end, he will love the entire process. The awesome maternity pictures will bring tears to his eyes. The pictures will always remind him that the big bump will soon turn into an actual human being! So, let him shed those tears of joy!

#4 Rubbing Your Feet

Men often don’t understand the pain pregnancy brings. Your man might not always enjoy rubbing your feet or massaging your waist. Don’t be afraid to communicate and tell him that you need a rub down. He wants to help, he just doesn’t know how.

#3 Your Cravings

Men love to feel needed, so he will go out to buy the pickles and ice cream to fulfill your pregnancy cravings. Pregnant women often eat weird food at unusual times. Just let your man know what and when—he will happily provide.

#2 The Closeness

You’ll notice your man often holds your hand or plays with your hair. They love that you are drawn to him for comfort. Pregnancy brings two people even closer than ever. He will be smitten kitten for you!

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# The Baby

Finally, there is the baby. Your man cannot wait to hold the little baby that has been growing inside you. He is impatient to kiss those chubby cheeks and hold it in his arms. His excitement will only grow more as the labor date grows closer. This is probably the happiest he’s ever been. He loves the fact that the two of you created a life. Every time he looks at you, those feeling of love and affection will shine in his eyes!

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