One Easy Mindfulness Exercise To Drastically Change Your Day

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It is very natural for us to get caught up in our thoughts. Despite this, we must remember—our thoughts make us who we are and it’s our perception of life that ultimately shapes our attitude.

Unfortunately, many of us build our lives on negative thoughts. By doing so, there is a high chance that the cycle is going to continue and it will affect our actions, our lives, our families and those we love.

Rewire Your Brain

The fascinating thing about the brain and the mind is that most of the time we can train and rewire it however we desire. All it requires is a little willpower. Here is an exercise that you can practice to bring positive changes to your life by feeling good about yourself.

According to an article published by Psychology Today, this cognitive exercise will help to re-engage your sense of well-being and is really simple to carry out.

Every night, before you got to sleep, keep a little diary near your bed. Take a few minutes to think of and write down at least three things that you liked about yourself that day. Now, write those things down. The next morning, read the list before you get out of bed. Keep doing this for a period of at least 30 days. You will see that you have a pretty long list about the good things you have done.

Remember that you don’t have to stress out about doing something major. For example, it can be a gesture such as a smile to a stranger or leaving the seat for someone else in need in a bus. Just write down: I smiled at a stranger today and that made me feel really warm inside.

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How does it work?

For someone who is depressed, this activity can be very arduous because they have attentional bias and an impaired attentional control. What does this mean? Well, they will negatively relate to things and secondly, they will go on dwelling on the negative aspects rather than the positive ones. Like in a day, even if ten people have been really good to them and just one person was rude, they are going to think about the rude person continuously without being able to shift their attention elsewhere. In other words, they tend to focus on negativity. 

This is self-destructive rather than constructive and has damaging consequences on our psychological health.

The Shift to Positivity

It’s really essential to disengage from negativity and make the effort by going through this exercise. It WILL help to shift our negative thoughts towards positive ones.

When we go on repeating to ourselves our positive attributes, we make a space in our minds that we can easily refer back to whenever we want. In time, this leads us to become more aligned with a positive attitude and compliments, avoiding the negative spiral.

Continuing it will resonate in our lives and our attitudes. Before we know it, we will be uplifting our sense of self-worth and be inspired to be better versions of ourselves.

But remember, all this is a question of faith and takes time and patience in order to see the results completely. Most importantly, be kind and compassionate to yourself.

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