30 Photographs That Will Change How We View Tattoos


Tattoos have been around forever. Initially, tattoos were under male domination and restricted to only naval use. However, by the late 20th century, its use became widespread and females started getting “inked” too. In the past decade, the tattoo culture overcame many stigmas and moved into being a fashion accessory for all gender-types.

Most people think tattoos are elaborate and flashy. Despite overcoming many stigmas, many people still think that having a tattoo means painting something vulgar ontoour bodies (e.g. huge skull or a group of nude girls).

We here at FeedFond have gathered pictures of tattoos that breaks all stereotypes. These pictures prove that tattoos have risen to the level of modern art and can be minimalistic, yet beautiful and exquisite.

Check them out yourselves!

Little pictures that look as if they stepped from the pages of the fairy tales we used to read when we were children.


Beautifully edited shots from favorite movies — for true fans.


Images of relatives that are always with you to remind you of the happiest moments.


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Real class in black and white.


Small, stylish, and very tender tattoos.



It’s impossible not to love these flower tattoos.




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