Blind Love: Family Gets Back Blind Lab After Over A Week


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The Loss


Sage is a 12-year old blind Labrador that accidentally went missing after playing outside with her human family. Naturally, the family was devastated when they discovered they had left Sage outside. With predators on the prowl, there was little hope of getting Sage back.

The Search


The owner, Beth Cole, was joined by ten of her neighbors in the search for Sage that went on for five days. They were hoping she would be sniffing around somewhere but unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found.

But Cole and her family didn’t want to give up easily. They distributed flyers in the neighborhood with a promise of $1,000 to anyone who would find Sage. Moreover, the family also posted on the social media in their all-out search effort.

Lost and Found



Surprisingly, the Coles’ neighbor, Dan Estrada was the one who accidentally found Sage. As he was walking around in the neighboring woods with his friend and two of his dogs, he saw something lying near a stream. Thinking it was garbage, Estrada moved closer to clear it only to spot Sage. Certain that she was dead, Estrada dreaded to be the harbinger of bad news to the Cole family as well as begin the unpleasant job of rescuing the body.

As Estrada was climbing down the slope to go near the stream where Sage lay, his friend called out to him to say that Sage lifted her head and that she was alive. Estrada moved on the double and was by Sage’s side in no time. As he patted and kissed her, she started to wag her tail and hold her head up.

Sage was already familiar with Estrada’s two dogs and would walk with them so it was easy for her to pick up their scent and respond. Having gone without food for eight days, Sage was naturally too weak to walk. So Estrada lifted her on his shoulders and walked back up the slope.

A Fairy Tale Ending



In the meantime, Estrada’s friend had called the Cole family to give the good news. When they were finally reunited, the family was overcome with emotion. 

Estrada refused the prize money of $1,000 and instead convinced the Cole family to donate it to an animal rescue organization.

The small town of Boulder Creek in California were as happy as the Cole family to get Sage back home safely.

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