40 Things a Mother-Daughter Duo Should Do Together, at Least Once


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Mom-daughter relationships go through ups and downs, like any other relationships. For some, it’s possible that adolescent years have bittersweet or even negative memories between moms and daughter. But, as both become more mature and the relationship grows, the dynamics start to change to take on a more positive note. Things mellowed-down shift helps daughters and mothers to potentially become best friends. They can be each other’s’ confidant and lifeline at times they need emotional or physical support.

FeedFond has compiled 40 things a mother-daughter duo should do together at least once. Read on to find out more.

#40 Make Thanksgiving dinner

With hands full with a turkey, appetizers, side dishes, desserts and setting an elaborate dinner table, an extra pair of hands comes in handy. Add some music in the background and you’ll feel like you’re having a private party.

#39 Taste everything at a farmer’s market

No need to count calories on this day as you amble through the aisles lined with the best farmers’ produce. Taste all that your heart desires and relish the time spent together.

#38 Get tipsy

It’s good to get a bit tipsy together without going overboard. Joke with each other about times past or just gossip.

#37 Spa treatments

Pamper yourselves with the most exotic body massage or manicure-pedicure on the list. Compare notes and enjoy a good time.

#36 Sing along on a road trip

Take a road trip together and sing out loud. It doesn’t matter if the tunes are a bit jaded, just have fun and don’t hold back!

#35 Take a yoga retreat

Take time out to go together to a yoga retreat, especially if you had been working too long and hard. Relax at a yoga retreat, refresh, re-energize yourselves and make memories.

#34 Visit an animal shelter

Cuddling puppies and kittens will help both of you make a lasting, loving bond. Take a dog out for a walk, feed or cuddle them so that you have an enjoyable time together. You would both be doing both the shelter animals and yourselves a huge favor.

#33 Flea market bargaining

Go together to a flea market and see who’s better at haggling prices to get the best antique home.

#32 Vineyard Visit

Spend a day of the weekend in a nearby vineyard tasting wine and comparing notes.

#31 Unplanned holiday

Call in sick at work (just one day) and spend the day together at a beach to get the perfect tan and reminisce.

#30 A fancy dinner

Let the daughter buy a fancy dinner for mom. Mom will glow in the pride of bringing up such a thoughtful, generous daughter.

#29 Share ice cream sundaes

Share huge ice cream sundaes to lift your spirit and satiate your sweet tooth.

#28 Play board games

Stay up late to play a game of Scrabble, chess or Monopoly.

#27 Apple picking

Go apple picking together and you’ll be surprised at some of the varieties you’ll find,  not usually found in stores. Make your favorite apple dishes together once you’re done.

#26 Visit your old college campus

Take your daughter on a tour of your old college campus. It’ll be a stroll down memory lane, remembering the old days and recounting stories to your daughter.

#25 Revisit old albums

Go back in time and enjoy some time flipping through old albums and baby pictures together.

#24 Trip to a big city

Treat yourselves to a weekend in a big city. Take a city tour and stop at all the important landmarks to take pictures together.

#23 French cooking class

Sign up for a French cooking class and see who’s the faster learner and the better cook.

#22 Wine and art

Enjoy one of the art lessons where you can sip wine as you go along. Compare your creations and check out who’s the better artist.

#21 Visit a movie or a TV show set

Plan to visit the set of a movie or a TV show to see how it transforms the whole atmosphere.

#20 Dress up the way you want

If your girl is still small and wants to go out in her tutu, let her! You can ask her to pick your dress too.

#19 Tree planting

Plant a tree in your garden or backyard together and follow its development. This is something you’ll both enjoy as you watch your plant grow.

#18 Karaoke night

No matter how rusty your vocal chords may be, practice a few times and head out together for a night of karaoke where you both sing your favorite songs. We promise you’ll have a blast!

#17 Farm visits

Visit a farm and feed animals together. Enjoy fresh produce the farm may sell and bask in the middle of nature.

#16 Family recipes

Cook a family recipe together to bring on the sweet memories of a warm kitchen in your grandparents’ place.

#15 Museum hopping

Spend a day admiring art and natural history together and be sure to stop at the souvenir shop.

#14 Movie marathon

On a rainy day, spend time together watching all your favorite movies together—just your own little theater at home. Don’t forget a box of tissues and popcorn!

#13 Photoshoot

Hire a professional photographer and dress up in your best or your most comfortable to capture memories of the two of you together.

#12 Reading books

Read your daughter’s favorite books to her as you two cuddle.

#11 Picnic

Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and drinks and head out to a concert where you can enjoy both the food and some good music.

#10 Opera night

Dress up and visit an opera together.

#9 Surprise birthday party

Throw a surprise birthday party with her favorite people, food, and games.

#8 Dance-off

Have a dance-off at home to the tune of Frozen. Nobody will be around e to judge your dance moves, so let yourself go!

#7 Day off

Take a day off and take her to a movie. It doesn’t hurt to let her skip school once in a blue moon.

#6 Snowball fight

Have an energetic snowball fight together—but set rules about not hitting on the face! Afterwards, enjoy some hot chocolate with marshmallows.

#5 Tickle fight

Laugh your head off with an all-out tickle fight.

#4 Scavenger hunt

Tailor activities of a scavenger hunt according to the age and abilities of your daughter. Take a photo of what you want to make and go door-to-door hunting for the things you need to make them.

#3 Goofy faces

Make goofy faces at each other during lunch or dinner and see who can make the best face. Or see who can stay serious without laughing the longest while the other makes the funny faces.

#2 DIY birthday gift

Make a pot or a piece of jewelry yourself and surprise her with it on her milestone birthday.

#1 Mommy-and-me dates

Take her out regularly on mom-and-me dates so you can give her your undivided attention.

Which one is on your to-do list? Share your thoughts with us. Check out these mom-daughter memories.


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