A Mom of Six Explains Why It’s Not Exceptional for Dads to do Parenting


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Parenting Fallacy

Our society has yet to come to terms with dads doing a lot of childcare jobs traditionally done by mothers. Dads who have hands-on parenting experience are looked upon as exceptional. People still make comments along the lines of, “You are so lucky to have such a great husband!” to women who are married to such men.

It Takes Two to Tango

It’s not solely the decision of women to have kids; the man has an equal say. It’s only when both agree, under normal circumstances, that they plan to have a family. So, why would it then be only the mother’s job to change diapers, feed, and put the baby to sleep? If it’s alright for women to work outside, it should be okay for men to lend a helping hand at home. It’s time society took a step into the current day and update their perspective around traditional gender roles.

Split the Schedule

Rachel Toalson is a mom of six boys and a profuse reader and writer. While this may not count as a “job” to many people, Rachel takes it seriously to give herself space and time. Her husband takes it seriously too. The couple has decided to split the baby jobs between them so that both have the time to work and wind down.

In the morning, Rachel does all the work through until the afternoon. She makes breakfast, prepares lunch, makes sure the kids have brushed their teeth and are ready for school, walks them to school, walks back with the younger children (who don’t go to school yet), keeps an eye on the twins, reads them stories, keeps the baby entertained, and puts them down for taking a nap.

Rachel’s husband then keeps his hands full after the kids wake up from their naps. The dad is there to play with them inside and outside the home, invites the kids’ friends to come over and play some more, helps the older kids with their homework, signs their reading and behavior logs, and cleans up their lunch boxes.

It’s Parenting After All

Although Rachel appreciates all that her husband does to help raise and take care of the children, she feels strongly that it’s part of the dad’s duties. So, there’s really no need for others to look shocked and compliment her on having an exceptional husband.

Rachel’s husband gives her the time she needs to meet up with friends from her book club and to write blogs and posts. And while she’s busy doing these, her husband is not “babysitting”, but parenting. Rachel has put a whole new meaning to parenting and urges society to update their views on the roles of moms and dads.

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