Transform & Monetize Your Website Using Social Media

Transform & Monetize Your Website Using Social Media

For most owners of online businesses, the biggest challenge is to get visitors to the website. While search engine optimization does have its benefits, the competition for Page 1 is intense.

Social media, on the other hand, can be relatively easily harnessed to promote website traffic to your target audience.  

Here are some useful tips you can follow to maximize the website traffic from social media:

Choose the Right Social Media Channels

Making the right choice is important because even though establishing a presence on social media is free, there is a substantial investment of time and effort involved in engaging potential customers.

Rather than opting for the most popular networks, you should try and be present on the channels that have users of the right demographics suited to your product.

For the maximum impact, start with a few channels and then expand as you become more familiar with the process.

Choose Content Type with Care

The entire purpose of your posting content on social media is to engage customers to build brand awareness, trust, and credibility, as well as top-of-the-mind recall.

Content should ideally be original, entertaining, and add value to the target audience because only when they think that the brand will deliver what they can benefit from, will they be encouraged to visit your website.

The choice of the platform will generally dictate the form of the content though generally, visual content performs better than text as it is understood faster and is more versatile in communicating your brand values and user benefits.

The higher the appeal of the content, the more it will be viewed, engaged with, and shared thus serving to build the customer franchise. To give your Instagram posts a boost, you may like to take help from a social media marketing agency that will generate more likes for your content.

Schedule Content for the Best Impact

Even posting the greatest content is of no use if your social media followers miss it because they are either asleep or busy in their workplaces.

You need to first find out the best time to post, as then you will be able to derive the maximum impact from your effort in terms of engagement and website traffic generation.

Not only each platform has its own peak performance time when its users are the most active but also it depends on the type of the product.

For example, leisure and lifestyle content is most viewed during the evening while office productivity products elicit the most viewership during the day.

You also need to post consistently so that followers don’t forget about you; however, bombarding them too frequently may result in them getting annoyed and un-following you.


Even though the real reason for engaging customers is to drive website traffic, you should use your social media presence to engage and inspire your followers so that they turn to you for solutions.

You must never be seen as engaging only in push sales as it tends to turn off followers who are actually looking for information and solutions to their issues while getting entertained.

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