Top 10 Most Valuable Beanie Babies In The World That Cost A Fortune

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What are they anyway?

Beanie Babies were plastic pellet-filled character toys that were all the rage in the ‘90s. Manufacturer Ty Warner started his business in Chicago, little anticipating that his creations would be worth a fortune in two decades.

The Main Characters

The original set of Beanie Babies consisted of Legs the Frog, Squealer the Pig, Spot the Dog, Flash the Dolphin, Splash the Whale, Chocolate the Moose, Patti the Platypus, Brownie the Bear, and Pinchers the Lobster.

The Take-Off         

It was not until 1994 that Beanie Babies were given the “rare” tag by a collector, Peggy Gallagher, in an article she wrote for a magazine. This triggered a mass production of Beanie Babies in China. However, Ty continued to sell these to small independent retailers to ensure that the toys were limited editions. The Beanie Babies that were rare were resold by their original buyers at very high prices.

What makes Beanie Babies worth so much?

The ones with wrong tags and errors like facial defects and misaligned eyes but in top condition fetch the most dollars. Although the wave of the original buyers has passed away, what makes these Beanie Babies valuable is the demand for these by second-generation buyers who don’t mind paying an exorbitant sum.

Scroll down to read about the top ten most valuable Beanie Babies that could make you or cost you a neat fortune.

#10 Royal Blue Peanut


This elephant named Royal Blue Peanut is believed to be the one who set off the craze of being a collector’s item. It’s worth between a thousand and two thousand dollars.

#9 Millennium.


Named because of its launch year in 1999, this magenta bear gets its value of $5,000 from spelling mistakes on its tag.

#8 Claude.


Clause the tie-dyed crab has some errors on its tag which make him worth $10,000.

#7 Peace.


Peacefully sitting down, this tie-dyed rabbit costs $36,890 on eBay.

#6 Valentino.


Valentino the bear costs $35,000 on eBay and has a total of nine errors that make him worth this small fortune.

#5 Hippity.


Hippity the bunny rabbit costs a whopping $50,000. Thanks to its misaligned eyes and facial defects. This was one of the more popular Beanie Babies when it was first launched.

#4 Lefty the Donkey.


A technician met Hilary Rodham Clinton in 2006 and asked her to sign on two Lefties for his daughters. These are now worth $50,000.

#3 Bernie.


Bernie the dog that ended up with a double tag is up for sale for $74,999.99. Even a Bernie with a normal tag costs no less than $500.

#2 Piccadilly Attic.


Piccadilly Attic is rare because it’s a bear with the theme of a clown. It’s worth all of $249,000 owing to its good condition and a mistaken tag.

#1 Princess.


Fashioned after Princess Diana right after her tragic death in 1997, Princess comes with an English rose embroidered on its chest. The money earned through the sale of Princess Diana Beanie Baby went to the funds of the memorial set up in memory of the late British royal family member.  A set of three can be had for $652,000. A couple bought one of these for $12 and later went on to sell it for a cool $25,000.

Which one would you pay the most for? Leave your comments in the section below!

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