Mother And Daughter’s ‘I love you’ Song Leaves Everyone Floored!


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There are few things more precious than a mother-daughter relationship. While it’s difficult to understand the depth of the relationship from the outside, we guarantee that it’s full of love on the inside. Mothers and daughters are deeply connected and they don’t need a magic spell (like Freaky Friday) to understand each other.

This mother posted a video on youtube singing ‘I Love You” to her daughter. As the mother sings, her baby girl Gemma Kate sings along the exact same way. It shows that daughters do see their mothers as their role model to follow.

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Experts say that babies are able to say basic words around their first birthday. It usually contains small nouns like ‘ball’ or ‘dog’ and if you are lucky ‘mama’. Although Gemma can’t say the phrases properly she definitely has the sounds down pat!

Take a look at the pair singing ‘I Love You’. This mom is a Lucky mom as she had a camera rolling and captured this heartwarming moment.

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No matter what anyone says, there’s no better feeling than being a parent.

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