8 Things You Feel When You Meet Someone After Dating A Narcissist


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It is difficult to break free from a narcissistic relationship. A narcissist is someone who only cares about themselves. So, you are stuck in a relationship who loves themselves and no one else—that includes you.

Sadly, there’s nothing you can do if are used to that kind of behavior. The relationship lasts because the only thing you have in common is that you both love the same person.

Even if you have the courage to break the chains and end your relationship, you’ll find yourself in a world of unknowns. You meet a nice person and everything is fine, but your feelings are unfamiliar and you feel out of your comfort zone. Up to this point, nothing was about you—everything was about your ex.

Feedfond has compiled a list of what happens to you when you meet a good guy after a narcissistic relationship.

Take note, this is important!

#1 More than what meets the eye

Your new partner is confident with you. The previous narcissist only made you doubt yourself and your choices. However, now you are with a person who will support you in the goals you set your mind to.

#2 Trust

Your new relationship is built on trust. Your partner is patient and knows that you are living in fear of history repeating itself. Since your last relationship was unstable, you lost the ability to trust people. Your partner will work to earn your trust and in turn, you will learn to trust yourself again and gradually, others.

#3 Paying attention

In your previous relationship, the most used word was probably ‘I’. It was all about your partner and nothing about you. However, it’s different now. Your new partner listens to what you have to say and pays attention to the details and how you feel. He/she want to be a part of your future while learning about your past.

#4 Saying sorry

You are probably so used to apologizing that it seems unreal when your current partner says sorry Previously, there were endless fighting and walking away and somehow you found yourself apologizing every time. But things are different now. You’ll be speechless when your new partner cares about the relationship and admits his/her wrong doings.

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#5 The right treatment

Your new partner is kind. After being trapped in a selfish relationship, these simple things will seem a godsend. The simplest things done by your partner might overwhelm you. —you will see that it takes two people to make a relationship work.

#6 The extra mile

You’ve always done more for your narcissist ex but got nothing in return. In contrast, now there is someone who will surprise you frequently and treat you like royalty. No hidden motives, just love.

#7 No manipulation

Narcissists like to be in control. But a relationship doesn’t last if someone tries to control their partner. Walking on eggshells around your partner is not healthy. You will see that such behavior is nonexistent with your new partner. Thing is always mutual—as it should be.

#8 You will know what love really is

After breaking free from a narcissistic relationship and getting into a normal healthy relationship, you will realize the true beauty of love. You will slowly realize that real love is fighting the odds together and not by yourself. Your last relationship was a trap, a charade.

Don’t be ashamed or feel sorry for yourself. Be proud and stand tall, as you were finally able to break free from a narcissistic relationship. You can now enjoy the happiness you deserve.  

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