8 Reasons Why You Should Never Go On A Cruise


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Cruises are the ultimate vacation plan for most people. A vacation where you don’t have to worry about food and boarding? Awesome view with endless entertainment? Can take the whole family with very little planning and even visit at least 2 continents at the same time? – Who wouldn’t sign up for it?

Well here are the top 8 reasons why you shouldn’t go on a cruise. And guess what? ‘Titanic’ isn’t one on them!

#8 Dangerous Fellow Passengers

Most people assume that cruise ships are a safe haven and they get overconfident. But in reality, it’s more like a small city where anything is possible. There have been countless incidents of gang-rapes and date-rape drug use on young girls. Sexual assaults rise every year and unqualified cruise line security often fails to investigate the crime properly. As a result, many perpetrators remain at large.

#7 Unhealthy Food

Besides being aware of your surroundings on a cruise ship, you should also be aware of the food. Cruise ship food is mostly buffet style and they are high in fat, salt, and sugar. Many fall ill due to overeating. In addition to food, mixed drinks are a specialty on cruise ships. After having a few of those high-calorie drinks, impulse control and making good food choices goes out the cabin!

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#6 Food Poisoning and Norovirus

According to recent CDC (Centers for Disease Control) survey, one in six Americans is affected by food poisoning. The ‘Norovirus’ needs a special mention as it can cause severe outbreaks that can hospitalize travelers. Norovirus is the primary reason for diarrhea on cruise ships. The virus easily spreads in crowded environments.

#5 Mechanical difficulties

It’s not unusual to see cruise ships facing mechanical troubles. Thousands of passengers get stranded for days at sea every year. Without proper power, the refrigeration and sewage disposal fails. In cases like this, the backed up toilets and leaking human waste can spread infections such as E.coli and Norovirus. Mechanical troubles are also the prime source of fires in cruise ships.

#4 Unqualified Doctors

The brochure may have said that the ship contains ‘qualified’ doctors, but there are no guarantees to it. Cruise ship doctors are all hired on a contractual basis up to 3-6 months at a time. The cruise line cannot be held responsible for bad medical care as they have followed guidelines to provide ‘qualified’ doctors. It doesn’t matter if it means getting treatment from a non-experienced, non-renowned-college graduate doctor.

#3 Weather at sea

No matter what anyone says, enduring rough weather at sea isn’t for land-people. Get your sea-legs or get ready to wobble. Rough weather makes it even worse. Land-dwellers are sure to become seasick, followed by nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Furthermore, ships also suffer damages during rough weather. There have been multiple reports that ships buckled at winds over 50 knots. Damages include – separation of panels, broken or bent balcony rails, tossed furniture across cabins etc.

#2 Nasty Bedbugs

This is probably the worst sort of problem you can possibly encounter on a cruise ship. Bed bugs can turn your sweet vacation sour in no time. These parasitic insects grow up to a quarter inch long, hides and multiply in mattress seams, bed frames, and headboards. Bedbugs don’t transmit any diseases but their bites cause discomfort, irritation and allergic reactions that can lead to itching, excessive scratching and skin infections – and disrupted sleep.

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#1 Mental health issues

Group activities and party atmosphere are the primary entertainment for cruise ships, but everyone may not like crowds. Due to the small area of a cruise ship, a downhearted person may feel lonely and isolated. According to clinical psychologists, mental health challenges on a cruise ship can take a turn for the worse due to the absence of counseling resources. In 2014 there were several passengers who went overboard due to alleged or observed suicides.

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