10 Weird Instances Where Beauty Takes on a New Dimension

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According to conventional beauty, a woman needs to have straight teeth, a perfect complexion, and a size zero figure. Well, these standards of beauty are not the same in some countries around the world. These countries define beauty in different terms altogether.

Scroll down to see what might be seen as “weird” may actually be totally sexy.

#10 Unibrow


In parts of Tajikistan, unibrows are a sign of good luck. It’s seen as an essential part of a woman’s beauty. So, if women haven’t been naturally blessed by a unibrow, they’ll apply some makeup to make it look as though they have one.

#9 Stretched lips and red skin in Africa


In Ethiopia, girls belonging to the Mursi tribe use special disks to stretch their lower lip. The size of the disk their lower lip can hold determines their dowry amount. So, the more stretched the skin of the lower lip, the higher the dowry and social status. The Suri tribe follows the same process to stretch the lower lip of their women.

In Namibia, a tribe called Himba, use red ochre and fat to shield their skin from the sun. As a result, their skin is a red color.

#8 Long neck in Burma


The Kayan people in eastern Burma make their women wear brass rings around their neck to make it longer. They believe that a longer neck makes a woman more beautiful. These regions in Burma are often referred to as “the country of giraffe women”.

#7 A high forehead for the Fula tribe


The Fula tribe of Africa deems a high forehead to be the most precious part of a beautiful woman. The women of this tribe go to great lengths to give an impression of having a high forehead – they even remove hair from their head. In medieval Europe, women also practiced the removal of hair from the head to get a high forehead.

#6 Pale skin in China and Thailand


Women in China and Thailand are always carrying umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. They also undergo cosmetic treatments to have a pale skin—the most coveted possession any woman can have.

#5 Surgical dressing on the face in Iran


A straight nose is all the craze in Iran. Both men and women opt for rhinoplasty to straighten their nose—it’s a social status symbol. So, even if someone didn’t undergo the surgery, they might still sport surgical dressings on their face just to appear as if they have.

#4 Overweight in Mauritania


In Mauritania, girls are sent to farms to eat 16,000 calories a day, where the average normal limit is 1500 calories. All this is to have folds of fat on their bellies to attract men. 

#3 Heart-shaped face in South Korea


South Korean women find it absolutely normal to undergo surgery to have a pointed chin, giving their face the shape of a heart. Such surgeries are complex and involve breaking the jaw bone in three pieces to remove the central part and join the other two. These surgeries prevent the patient from eating solid food for a very long time.

#2 Scarification in Western Africa, New Guinea


Patterns and scars adorn the body of many natives of New Guinea. Both women and men have these but, for men, it’s a sign of initiation whereas, for women, it’s for beautification.

#1 Crooked teeth


“Yaeba,” or crooked teeth is a sign of beauty in Japan. Unlike in most other countries of the world where people wear braces to straighten their teeth, no need to do so in Japan. In fact, the dentists in Japan are highly paid to give their patient at least one crooked tooth that would make their smile cuter.

Pick your favorite from these pictures and share with us in the Comments section below. Speaking of unconventional beauty, here’s something that you might like to read.


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