Life Changing New Year Resolution Ideas For 2018


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With the coming of the new year, many of us are re-evaluating our current life choices. And New Year is the perfect opportunity for all those who want to incorporate a new regime into your life. We here at FeedFond compiled a list of things you can do to kickstart the year but, let us be honest, few of us are going to make it to the finish line.  

Besides your usual ‘get a six-pack’ and ‘spending more time with family’ there are many good habits you can pick up as your resolution.

These resolutions, if followed properly, will ultimately change your life.

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Physical health is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life and it is essential that health is taken care of. Here is what you can do to take care of your body throughout the year.

#1 Get In Shape 

Get in shape because you want to feel good. See this 15-Minute Fat-Burning Exercise that Will Transform You in No Time

#2 Start Eating Healthy Food

Start eating healthy food because it is the source of your energy. These 15 Foods That Will Keep A Heart Healthy And Decrease The Risk Of Attacks

#3 Be More Active 

Be more active to go the extra mile. Own a dog? These 10 Best Dogs Breeds Suitable For Active Lifestyle!

#4 Reduce Stress

Reduce stress for a better life. Did you know that Science Says Moms Get Stressed Twice As Much By Husbands Than Their Kids?

#5 Get Quality Sleep

Get quality sleep for heightened productivity. Know The Magic Mantra to Fall Asleep Within Just One Minute.

#6 Give Up Cigarettes

Give up cigarettes, they are bad for your lungs.

#7 Drink In Moderation Or Quit Altogether

Drink in moderation, alcohol is your liver’s favorite liquid. 25 Images That Show What 1,2,3 Glasses of Wine Can Do to Your Mood

#8 Do Regular Checkups

Get regular checkups because you never know what is hiding in your body.

#9 Lose Weight

Lose weight as it will make you more fit. Check out Woman Weighing 500 lbs Recreates Her Old Photos—See Her Amazing Transformation

#10 Get A Six-Pack

Get a six-pack ab for a little bit of extra confidence. These 7 Exercises That Will Transform Your Whole Body in Just 4 Weeks

#11 Stop Eating Fast Food

Stop eating fast food as your stomach hates it. The 10 Foods to Avoid if You Want a Washboard Tummy

#12 Detox The Body

Detox your body to feel lighter and smarter. Check out What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water!

#13 Stop Drinking Soda

Stop drinking soda as it is full of empty calories. Face-Off with Energy Drinks by a Young Pair of Parents-to-Be

#14 Stop Eating Too Many Sweets

Stop eating too many sweets it is not good for your teeth. Top Dos And Don’ts About Foods To Eat On An Empty Stomach

#15 Go To A Dentist

Go to a dentist to keep your pearly whites happy. Most Effective Home Remedies to Removing Tartar for Clean Teeth.

#16 Drink More Water

Drink more water to flush out toxins. 8 Amazing Results of Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach

#17 Join A Gym

Join a gym to feel good every day. See also the 6 Office Exercises That Can Be Easily Done On A Chair

#18 Go For A Daily Walk

Go for a daily walk and enjoy what nature has to offer. How Much You Should Walk Every Day To Start Losing Weight


It’s imperative to have psychological well being in addition to good physical health. Here are some resolutions that you may take to get that mind running.

#1 Improve Concentration & Mental Skills

Improve concentration and mental skills by practicing mindfulness.

#2 Be More Confident

Be more confident, it charms everyone around you.

#3 Learn To Be Happy With Life

Learn to be happy with life as some things are beyond your control.

#4 Let Go Of Grudges

Let go of grudges as they are harmful to you.

#5 Re-Invent Yourself

Reinvent yourself as you never know what you may find within you.

#6 Control Your Emotions

Control your emotions and find a good channel to express them.

#7 Express Yourself With Art

Express yourself through art and creative expression. It is a form of meditation.

#8 Face Your Fears

Face your fears after all fear is only in the mind.

#9 Value People In Your Life

Value people in your life they are the pillars of your strength.

#10 Stop Judging

Stop judging. Everyone has their reason to be as they are.

#11 Worry Less

Worry less because worrying will be a hindrance on your path to the solution.

#12 Find Nirvana/Enlightenment

Find enlightenment in the little things of life.

#13 Live In The Moment

Live the moment because you never know if it is your last moment.

#14 Stop Overthinking

Stop overthinking, it does not really help you to see the bigger picture.

#15 See A Therapist

See a therapist, they may offer you an insight that could change your life.

#16 Stop Getting Angry Easily

Stop getting angry easily. Not everything is worth your emotions.

#17 Simplify

Simplify things for a better life.

#18 Stop Being Negative

Stop being negative because it is an endless cycle.

#19 Be Spiritual/Find Religion

Be spiritual and find religion. Faith strengthens the heart.

#20 Dream Big

Dream big and make your dreams the reason that you wake up every day.


Besides brainstorming to improve your lifestyle, think beyond your body and mind. Feed your soul will good behavior and deeds. Here are some that you can try.

#1 Stop Being Racist

Stop being racist as you block out lots of beautiful people from your life.

#2 Reconnect With An Old Friend

Reconnect with an old friend to reminisces about what was and to rejoice about what is.

#3 Go To Concerts/Sporting Events

Go to concerts and sporting events to rejuvenate your spirit.

#4 Stop Being Lazy

Stop being lazy as you are missing out on a lot of things that life has to offer.

#5 Go Back To School

Go back to school. It is never to late to take up a new course.

#6 Recycle

Recycle. Why waste when something is worth so much more?

#7 Get A Make Over

Get a makeover. It will make you feel better.

#8 Start A Hobby

Start a hobby and build your focus.

#9 Donate Blood

Donate blood because you never know who might need it.

#10 Stop Procrastinating

Stop procrastinating as you do not know what will happen the next minute.

#11 Meet New People

Meet new people. You will be pleasantly surprised at the knowledge you will gain from them.

#12 Be Polite

Be polite because your manners speak volumes about you.

#13 Watch Less TV

Watch less TV because your time is far too precious to waste on it.

#14 Read More Books

Read more books to boost your intellect.

#15 Be Tidy & Organized

Be tidy and organized to save more time.

#16 Spend More Time With Your Family

Spend time with your family. They are the most integral part of your life.

#17 Dress With Style

Dress with style or even create your own style. You are what you wear.

#18 Get Out Of Debt

Get out of debt in order to get rid of the tension cycle related to it.

#19 Save Money/Live On A Budget

Save money and live on a budget because life can be unpredictable and you never know when you will need it.

#20 Learn A New Language

Learn a new language improve your social skills.

#21 Volunteer

Volunteer to distribute smiles.

#22 Adopt A Pet

Adopt a pet for cuddly snuggles.

#23 Travel The World

Travel the world and get a new take on life.

#24 Learn To Cook

Learn to cook and surprise your loved ones.

#25 Get OverAn Ex

Get over an ex and fall in love with yourself.

#26 Spend Less Time On Social Media

Spend less time on social media and more time socializing.

#27 Learn To Defend Yourself

Learn to defend yourself. It is an art.

#28 Learn About Art & Culture

Learn about art and culture to enrich your life journey.

#29 Remember Important Dates

Remember important dates. They can be lifesavers.

#30 Be Responsible & Supportive

Take responsibility for your actions and be sure that your loved ones never feel lonely.

#31 Stop Being Late To Work

Get to work on time. It will determine the success of your career.

#32 Find Someone To Love

Find someone to love. It is good for your heart, mind, body, and soul.


It’s important to pick the right resolutions. Did you know that one-third of the resolutions don’t even make it past January?

Most of it fail because people fail to choose the resolution that’s right for them. So, don’t pick something too vague and make a realistic plan to achieve your goals. 

Visualize your achievement, Make it fun and pick something you care about. With the right mindset, anything is possible and yearly resolutions are no different.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Do you have a different resolution that’s missing on this list? Share them with us!


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