12 Nighttime Habits That Will Make You Gain Weight!

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We all want healthy, fit bodies. But despite all the exercises and fitness in the world, certain habits make us gain weight regardless.

Check out these 12 nighttime habits—if you can avoid these, you certainly will feel healthier and happy!

#1 Not getting enough sleep


Lack of sleep makes your metabolism slow.

The more you stay awake, the hungrier you will be.

Your cortisol level rises.

You will feel tired during the day.


Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

#2 Overeating at dinner


Eating too much or consuming heavy food will slow your digestion overnight.

Watching TV during a meal will often make you overeat.


Eating a light dinner consisting of proteins and vegetables. Try to eat while seated at the dinner table, away from TV or smartphone.

#3 Going to bed right after dinner


More fat cells will amass.

Higher chances of digestion problem.


Take a stroll around the house or do some light housework after your meal. Go to bed after 1.5-2 hours after eating.  

#4 You eat fried food for dinner


Fried food has more calories and you won’t have time to burn them off before bedtime.

You will accumulate more fat cells.

Fried food will make your sleep uneasy.


Stay away from fried, baked, grilled or steamed food during nighttime.

#5 Spicy food at dinner


Spicy food can lead to digestive problems

You’ll have trouble sleeping.

Spicy food can result in heartburn.


Although spicy food is good for speeding up your metabolism, it’s best to avoid it at night.

#6 Cereal or other carbohydrates for dinner


The excess energy from will not be used while sleeping.

High-carb foods contain many refined sugars that can be harmful.


Eat smoothies, fresh fruit and all kinds of salad. A small portion of high protein food is good too.

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#7 Eating dessert at night


White sugar and flour transform into fat cells.

These calories remain unburnt during the night.


Try having some fruit for dessert. It’s like having a healthy candy!

#8 Snacking after dinner



The extra energy will keep you awake.


Stay away from bread, cookies or any types of sweets.

As a general rule of thumb, a late snack can include something light and healthy, less than 200 calories.

#9 Skipping dinner.


Skipping meals will slow down your metabolism.

Will make you hungrier when you eat next.

Can cause anxiety.

Loss of muscle tissue and your skin gets loose.


If you don’t have time for a decent lunch or dinner, try to eat a piece of fruit.

#10 Consuming alcohol or caffeine


These products affect your normal sleep.

They are of high-calorie


Choose natural smoothies or a glass of hot milk. Always try to finish your day with a glass of pure drinking water.

#11 Phone and computer use before bed


Blue light from phone and PC screen affects your eyes. It can lead to health and sleep problems.

Radio frequency waves cause sleep deprivation.


Turn off your devices or stay off them at least one hour before bed. Try reading books or listen to soothing music.

#12 Going to bed late every night


Going to bed late makes you fat as it’s not in sync with the body’s  natural cycle.

You will have the urge to eat early in the morning.


Go to sleep at a fixed time or as soon as you are sleepy. If you are feeling upbeat at the end of the day, some light physical exercises will help.

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