5 Surprising Benefits of Eating Oatmeal Every Day


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Oatmeal is full of nutrients and is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. It’s full of fiber and protein that keep you satiated for longer, curb your hunger, and help you lose weight. The fiber also regulates the blood sugar levels in your body and makes your bowel movements regular.

With increased fiber intake, your chances of getting Type 2 diabetes will decrease, as well as your weight and cholesterol levels. If you have oatmeal in the morning every day for an entire month, you’ll see amazing results and some food habits changed for the better.

Scroll down to find out the top 5 most amazing things that having oatmeal every day can do for you.

#5 Versatile – both salt and savory variations

Oatmeal can be had sweet or savory—it’s so versatile. You can add sliced bananas, honey or maple syrup, chopped nuts, dried fruits, cinnamon powder, dried coconut slices, peanut butter, or vanilla for a sweet bowl of oatmeal. For a weekend variation, you can experiment by adding leftover veg and some shredded cheese for a savory version. Or, you can have a sweet version with a swirl of Nutella or some chocolate chips.

Two important ingredients that give the right flavor and texture to oatmeal are milk and maple syrup.

#4 Whole milk makes the texture creamy

It’s best if you switch from skim milk to whole milk for your oatmeal, to give it the right flavor and texture. The creamy texture that results from adding whole milk to your oatmeal will make you look forward to and enjoy a healthy breakfast.

#3 Ditch that mid-morning snack

If you eat oatmeal daily, you’ll soon see that your mid-morning snacking habit will slowly become less frequent. The reason is that oatmeal keeps you satisfied for longer. You won’t get the same effect if you have eggs and veggies for breakfast. A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast can keep you going until lunchtime. The whole milk also helps to keep you satiated and suffer fewer hunger pangs.

#2 Regulates bowel movement

You won’t feel the same about having the weekend brunch after you’ve had oatmeal daily for a month. You’ll start to miss your bowel movement routine and may want to switch back to oatmeal even on the weekend. However, for a change in taste, it’s good to have something other than oatmeal. Perhaps you can add ingredients like dried oregano or basil with leftover bacon or chicken for a change in taste.

#1 It becomes a hard habit to break

Once you’ve done the daily oatmeal routine for a month, you’ll see that you’ve fallen into this routine. Both the taste and the consistency, with the right ingredients, will make this a regular healthy breakfast that you look forward to. You’ll feel more satiated and better throughout the day.

So, when are you starting a regular breakfast of oatmeal? Share your views with us in the Comments section below and don’t forget to read Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast.


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