Not Wanting Kids Is Normal, Powerful Comics Explain It All!


What’s the Issue?

All women face this question at one point in their life—“Don’t you want kids?” Sometimes, the question doesn’t stop there. There’s further probing, gasping, frowns of disappointment—all coming from another person’s personal opinion on the woman who has decided NOT to have kids. People fail to understand that it’s perfectly okay if some women opt out from having kids. Some people have different lifestyles and perspectives. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like kids.


There can be many reasons for not wanting to have kids. These can sometimes be very personal. It could be that some women enjoy their freedom and don’t want to be chained down by circumstances. Or, maybe these women feel there are too many underprivileged children in this world and it’s better to help them, rather than bringing more kids into the world. And there are others who would like to focus on their career or education or maybe even travel and a relationship. Reasons are not right or wrong, but they are personal and vary from person to person.

Pretty, Pretty Ugly

Kate McDonough is one of the innumerable women who doesn’t want to be a mother. Her comic—Pretty, Pretty Ugly—shows how frustrated she is with people who ask invasive questions about her choice not to become a mother and her perfect responses to these people.

Scroll down and enjoy the comics by Kate McDonough!

# Let’s Get Things Clear


# Touché!


# Times Change, but My Mind Doesn’t!


# Perspectives


# Societal Norms Are not Carved in Stone


# Love Has Many Definitions


# I’m Free to Decide


# The Right Response


How do you feel about women who don’t want to have kids? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below! And here’s something for all women who do and don’t have kids – 20 Pictures of Little Girl “Dressed” in Flowers and Vegetables.


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