If You Own An Old Disney VHS Tape, You’re Already Rich!

Some of us are memory junkiesㅡwe store junk and have a hard time letting go of stuff. Some people just become the butt of jokes because they hoard stuff like there is no tomorrow.

But now, for memory junkies it’s finally going to pay off! (read: cash). The old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has now transformed into “one man’s trash is the same man’s treasure, given enough time”.

As technology advanced,  VHS tapes were pushed aside by DVDs in 1996 to provide a better picture, sound quality and lots of extra features. Gone were the days where you’d have to rewind the whole tape and sit through previews and scratchy films.

However, with hipster millennials driving up the price of all things “old Skool” and “retro”, old Disney VHS tapes are making a comeback! Disney has always been popular,  but their transition to 3D animation was a huge step. Their older movies don’t compare graphically to Disney’s newer releases like Frozen and Moana. But still, these Disney classics are now being sold on eBay and other similar sites for hundredsㅡeven thousands of dollars!

So pack rats, it’s time to start digging through your stash. If you find one (or more) in your collections, you’ll figuratively be swimming in money!

To others, let this be a lesson not to throw stuff away without first checking their value on eBay.

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# 101 Dalmatians – $750

# The Fox And The Hound – $1,500

# Aladdin – $275

# Sleeping Beauty – $499

# The Lion King – $250

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