What Foods Can You Buy Around The World With $1

For Americans, 1 US dollar might not seem to be much. However, due to exchange rates, a single US dollar is worth so much more around the world.

Only 6 of 55 international currencies are stronger than the dollar. They are – Euro (0.9 EUR to 1 USD), British Pound (0.69 GBP to 1 USD), Bahraini Dinar (0.37 BHD to 1 USD), Kuwaiti Dinar (0.39 KWD to 1 USD), Latvian Lat (0.62 LVL to 1 USD), and Omani Rial (0.38 OMR to 1 USD).

As a fun experiment, we at FeedFond asked our friends around the world what food they can buy with $1 in their respective countries. We were presently surprised by the answers we received.

Scroll through the pictures and if you’re ever visiting one of these countries below, you’ll know what you can get with a buck!












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