Paralyzed Dog Overlooked For 7 Years Until Someone Saw Her True Beauty

Pets are abandoned for various reasons: maybe their owner cannot afford to provide them with the care they need, travels too much or gets sick. This sometimes results in pets being overlooked and forced to live on their own, without love.

Well, in this case, meet Bianca. She’s an abandoned dog who lived at the entrance of a public swimming pool in the suburbs of Athens. For 7 years, she lived on her own, fending for food and survival.

Bianca’s hind legs were paralyzed. Despite this limiting factor, she was an independent dog who survived on the streets for years! She stayed strong, even when degenerative myelopathy slowly robbed her of the use of her back legs.

Luckily, an organization called The Orphan Pet found her and they couldn’t leave her. Bianca is beautiful with white fur and a strong personality—she deserves happiness.

Her previous owners had a beach bar. But after the bar was shut down, Bianca continued to live there. She needed someone to love her in her time of need someone who would see past all her health complications and see her for the beautiful dog she is.

The Orphan Pet was determined to give her just that. Bianca had trouble trusting them at first, and really, it’s understandable. She was in bad shape when they found her. Since she dragged her legs, her knees would bleed and cause her constant pain.

But all the hard work finally paid off. Bianca slowly learned to trust again. It wasn’t easy to find a home for Bianca, but finally, someone saw her true beauty and adopted her.

It’s heartwarming to know there are kind people in this world who are willing and wanting to take in homeless animals. Bianca truly deserves the comfort and the love of a family and is happy with the home she’s found.

See her rescue video.

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