5 Quick Party Makeup Ideas You Never Knew Before!

5 Quick Party Makeup Ideas You Never Knew Before!

Party is fun, and that is why it is so delightful, but getting ready for a party is a Herculean job for most of you. You need to take care of your hair, dress, accessories and the most of all makeup if you want to look million dollars worth. This is one of the reasons why most of you prefer choosing a professional makeup artist for your makeup rather than applying it on your own.

However, this means dipping into your pocket, which you can do if it is a big occasion, but for every other weekend party, you cannot spend huge bucks on your party looks. Fabulive understands this, and that is why it offers you fast party makeup tips.

When you opt for this platform, you will find a collection of the best and easy party makeup videos that will definitely help you look gorgeous when you are on-the-go. This article offers you to find 5 easiest party makeup ideas to switch your casual look to a party look. Drive through the write-up and unveil these brilliant and quick makeup styles.

#1. Smokey Eye Makeup

The first and foremost makeup idea which you should embrace is to beautify your eyes with the help of smokey eye makeup. Your eyes are an essential part of your face, so if you want to have an appealing look, then you cannot ignore that your eyes need to be dressed up. The best way is to have winged eyeliner with coats of mascara or false eyelashes and toned brown eyeshadow.

This will glamorize your look and do not forget to apply concealer and eye primer on the areas around your eyes. This will give a base to your eye makeup and will cover all your blemishes and dark spots. Also, make sure you apply eyeliner close to the lash lines, and you leave no gap between upper and lower lash lines.

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#2. Dark & Vibrant Lip Color Shade

The second thing which you need to focus is your lips and to look amazing at a party, you must try to apply a bright lipstick shade. You can pick bold shades, such as red, bright orange, fuchsia, etc. You may opt for stain finish or silk lipstick, or you may also go with matte lip color shades, but do not forget to use a lip liner that is of the same or the nearest shade of the lipstick.

The only thing that you need to remember is that you apply the liner after applying the lipstick so that it gives a natural looking outline. Also, do not forget to exfoliate the lips before applying lip makeup as it will provide a flat base for the lip color to stay longer and will make the lipstick pop against the pigmentation of the lips.

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#3. Contour Your Cheekbones

If you want to have good photographs in a party, then do not forget to contour your cheekbones as it makes your features sharp and you look amazing in the photos. Your face gets an instant slim look when you swipe bronzer in the right place. You can try putting some on the front of the nose, chins, across the forehead, as this will define your features. Always pick bronzer which is one shade darker than your natural skin tone and do not forget to use a highlighter which is lighter than your skin tone.

This would reflect the light making a natural glow on your face. Use the bronzer of matte shade over shimmer to give shape to the face. There is no fixed place for applying blush and bronzer as it varies depending on the face cut of the person. However, in general, it is advised to apply a bronzer along the hollow of your cheeks and stretch it to the hairline.

On the other hand, apply blush on the apple of the cheeks, which will be above the place where you have applied bronzer. Lastly, do not skip highlighting your cheekbones, as it will make your face glow in the party.

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#4. Moisturize Your Face Properly

You might be in a rush to be on time at the party, but this doesn’t mean you forget to take care of the skin on your face. That is why it is essential for you to ensure that you apply the moisturizer and toner correctly before applying concealer, primer or foundation on your face. The toner will tighten your skin and the moisturizer will keep it soft and will ensure that your face does not get dry and dull during the party. It is better to use an oil-free moisturizer as it keeps your face look fresh.

Apart from this, make sure you do not pick a wrong shade of foundation or concealer when going to a party. Use the shade of foundation concerning your undertone and choose the concealer for the face of the same shade as that of the foundation. However, in case you are applying concealer in the under eye area, then pick the one which is lighter than your natural skin tone.

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#5. Setting-spray

You are almost on-the-go, you look amazing but there’s the finishing touch left, to prevent your makeup from melting down. That’s way setting spray goes on stage. The spray ensures that the weather around you never affect your makeup and prevents reducing the colors of your makeup.

This way you will look fresh just the way you entered in the party. Avoid using setting spray with alcohol content if your skin is dry-type and do not forget to use SPF spray in the summertime as it will protect you from tanning.

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If you are someone who wants to look million dollars worth at a party, simply use the abovementioned five quick makeup tips. They really work and will make you look ravishing and definitely, others will admire your appearance. However, to be always prepared for events, simply visit Fabulive.com website to find the beauty products at your fingertips. For this, join

Fabulive.com website which is the destination for makeup lovers all over the world. Choose the products that suit you most and learn excellent and easy makeup tips from professional makeup experts who are sharing their skills with you free of cost. Invest in your make-up bag now it will serve you faithfully in the most unexpected times.

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