30+ Powerful Illustrations Show The Real Picture Of Our World Today


The world we live in today is full of chaos. Our news and social media feeds are filled tons of disturbing things that are demoralizing our society.

Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski portrays these harsh truths with satirical paintings about the world we currently live in. He is one of the most influential contemporary artists in this genre. For exemplary and thought-provoking messages embedded in his works, he received more than 100 awards and distinctions.

Check out some of his best works below. Although some of them might be hard to decode, they are right in every sense. Be sure to comment your opinions on the ones you can relate to.

#1 The importance of bombs

#2 Pressure to rise

#3 The Race Against Time

#4 Shackled by gold

#5 The cycle continues

#6 The light we choose to follow

#7 Guns are Important to maintain peace

#8 My childhood is more important than yours

#9 The cost of religion 

#10 Silencing insecurities

#11 Save water

#12 Fragility is necessary to rule the world

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