Change IS Possible – Let These 10 People Inspire You


Human beings are incredible— to take control of a situation all we need is a little bit of willpower and hard work.

FeedFond has compiled stories from ten people who have defied the odds and stereotypes to become an inspiration to us all.

#1. Cindy Joseph

During her high school years, Cindy wanted to be “flawless”; she looked through every magazine she could get her hands on in search of ways to change her looks, but she just wasn’t satisfied. Eventually, she gave up as she realized that most teenagers suffer from issues related to self-esteem. Instead, she entered the fashion world as a makeup artist “to be in the game”. Her style? Natural. Just so that the inner personality and strength of the models would be reflected through the art of makeup.

As she embraced her age with enthusiasm, at age 49, a casting agent to model for Dolce and Gabbana approached her, igniting her modeling career with Ford Models Inc. She also has her own line of beauty products with a focus on pro-age products and healthy beauty. And that is what we call a Natural Beauty.

#2. Rinat Karimov

This “awesome-much” man is a tattoo artist from Moscow. Rinat Karimov—aka Captain Karamba—was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2015. He created an Instagram page, @rinat_vs_lymphoma, which was rightfully named “Photoblog about me getting lymphoma and kicking its ass. Live.” It chronicled his battle and spread awareness about the disease.

He fought the disease for 51 weeks. And what a victorious moment it was when he declared his win to his 80,000 followers. We thank him for teaching us about willpower and the strength of the human spirit.

#3. Justin and Lauren Shelton

The couple was absolutely happy and grateful for everything in their life. They did not have qualms about the fact their weight which was over 750 pounds (340 kg) combined. However, when Justin was diagnosed with a potential kidney infection it ended up being a life-changing incident. As it turns out, the imaging machine was not able to support Justin’s weight. As a result, Justin Shelton and his wife decided to go through a transformation and get healthy. They lost  253 kgs combined. Now that is crushing some serious fitness goals.

#4. Sonya Sagitova

Years ago, out of desperation, a mother with her child hitchhiked for the first time because she had no bus fare to get to the hospital.Years later, at the age of 55, doctors diagnosed her with a host of diseases and suggested she apply for disability. The spirited lady said, ” I’m no handicapped person! I’m traveling the world non-stop!“ and she did just that. She packed her bags, went to the highway and began her travels. No looking back, she has since traveled to over 40 countries already.

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