7 Essential Tips on How to Ensure Pet Safety & Retrieval

7 Essential Tips on How to Ensure Pet Safety & Retrieve Them

A pet with its unconditional love for its owner acts as a great stress buster and keeps the home a very happy place to come back from work. Being a pet parent will help you develop several positive aspects of your personality like responsibility, time management skills, nurturing and caring behavior and improving emotional link with other living beings. Did you know according to National Pet Owners Survey, 68% of U.S. households own at least one pet?

Researchers have proven that if you have a pet in your house, then the chances of depression reduce considerably. That being well said, we need to take care of our pets so that we can maintain the bond and give them a sense of belonging.

Below are some of the ways you can use to keep your animal safe: 

#1. Regular Checkup for your Pet

We all know that when our pets become ill or injured, we take them to a veterinary clinic or an animal doctor. However, a number of pet owners ignore that their pets need preventive care. It is important to start preventive care early enough to improve their chances of a long and healthy life.

It is so important for your animals to receive vaccinations not only for their well-being but also for the well-being of your family. Regular vet visits and routine vaccinations can protect your pets from a wide range of illnesses.

Save yourself and your family the trouble of losing your pet and constantly replacing it with another.

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#2. Proper Food and Nutrition

Food plays an important part in the lives of our pet but not all foods are suitable for them. Most pet owners think that most pets can eat any food consumed by humans, but this is not true. Some foods consumed by humans are harmful to pets. For example, shelled fish is bad for dogs and can affect their digestive systems causing loss of appetite and many other disorders.

Fruits like grapes can lead to malfunction of kidneys, while nuts affect the nervous system of dogs. Seeds from plum and peaches have to be removed before feeding the dog. These seeds can obstruct the digestive tract and can cause other ailments.

Same can be said about Chocolates. They contain Xylitol which can be lethal.

An investigation revealed that 86 percent of sampled raw meat diets for dogs carried the potentially deadly pathogen. Foods which are free from preservatives are the best food and any natural foods are best for your dog.

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#3. Weather Protection

In winter, many like to play with their dogs on the snow-cleared road. Before you go to play, you should understand that a cleared road doesn’t necessarily guarantee safety for your dog. If you use some type of snow or ice melter, it may bring cause problems for your pet.

Pet paws are exposed to the melter chemicals can cause allergies and skin irritation. If you find see your dog eating the snow, take him to the vet as soon as possible. The snow isn’t as harmless as it looks.

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#4. Use a Pet Carrier When Traveling

Pet carriers facilitate safe transportation of your pet. It helps keep safe and comfortable. These carriers are the best options to have you carry your pet with you without any trouble and hassle. It’s travel-friendly – whether you are driving or flying to your destination.  You can easily adjust one in the back seat of your car and most of the airlines also accept carriers for the transportation of pets.

It’s also a good idea to get your pet insured. This way you can save yourself a lot of trouble in case of accidents.

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#5. Get Your Pet Microchipped

Sometimes leashes and tags aren’t enough to keep track of your dog. Though they can be inexpensive and still very useful in keeping your pet in control. However, collars can be removed and some dogs are clever enough to escape. In worst cases, you can be a victim of pet theft.

Fortunately, there is one tracking device that won’t be easily defeated – the microchip. This small electronic device stores your dog’s information, the rightful owner’s contacts, their medical history, etc. for reference, when needed.

Microchips are tiny, normally no bigger than a grain of rice. A veterinarian can easily implant the device in between your dog’s shoulder blades. It causes no more discomfort than your pet having a regular vaccination shot.

Once under the tissue, the chip is virtually undetectable. Once it’s inserted, it becomes a permanent form of identification for your pet.

Any veterinarian or animal shelter will be able to scan your dog, and quickly find out who needs to be contacted and where they belong, even if they don’t have their collar on.

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#6. Secure Your Garden

Pets can be very unruly when playing in the yard, and may often be unaware of boundaries between safety and risk of danger from passing vehicles. If your pet’s safety is a constant concern, it may be time for you to get a pet fence installed.

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#7. Retrieving your lost pet

As a way to protect and keep your pets safe, you can customize a pet id tag which should contain vital information and this could help you find your lost pet. Additionally, there are services that can provide a lasting solution to help you retrieve your missing pet.

Through your pet id tag, a person may see the information engraved on it and put it through the reverse phone lookup. With such services as Spokeo the owner’s information is easily scooped which makes it easy to trace the owner of the lost pet. 

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Finally, we should learn that animals need to be treated with a lot of care affection. It’s not a coincidence that Americans spend over $50 billion per annum on their pets! Looking after your pets should be paramount as pets are often like children to many homeowners, therefore, ensure that your pet feels safe and protected under your care.

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