21 Beauty and Household Hacks with Petroleum Jelly


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Petroleum jelly is usually used to soften rough skin, especially on the elbows and knees. But did you know that this magical jelly can come to the rescue when it relates to beauty and household purposes?

Read on to learn about 21 amazing hacks with petroleum jelly.

#21 Nail polish

Lubricate the thread inside the rim or on the nail polish bottle to prevent the nail polish from sticking to the bottle after use.

#20 Makeup stains

Apply petroleum jelly directly onto makeup stains— like foundation or lipstick— and then wash the way you usually do.

#19 Furniture polish

Apply on a flannel cloth and wipe your wooden furniture and tabletops to make them shine

#18 Zipper

Take care of a stuck zipper by applying some petroleum jelly. It can also be used on rusty buttons and furniture fittings.

#17 Leather polish

Shine your natural or artificial leather shoes, bags, and purses by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly and wiping it with a natural cloth.

#16 Nail buff

Apply petroleum jelly regularly on your nail beds to get a natural nail buff over time.

#15 Care for your cuticles

Apply daily on your cuticles before going to bed to leave them soft and prevent painful hangnails from appearing.

#14 Manicure

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the cuticles before applying nail polish so that the polish doesn’t touch your skin

#13 Hair dye protection

If you apply a thin line of petroleum jelly around your hairline before applying a hair dye, the dye will not get on your skin and stain it.

#12 Hair mask

Depending on the length of your hair, take 1-2 spoonfuls of Petroleum jelly and mix with a few drops of essential oil. Use cinnamon for sealing the shaft and sage for shine. Now apply over the entire hair length and leave for 1-2 hours before washing. To easily remove Petroleum jelly, pat the hair with a paper towel and warm it with a hair dryer before washing.

#11 For split ends

Apply Petroleum jelly to dry hair ends and keep on for 15-20 minutes. It will seal the split ends, and after several uses, the condition of the hair will be much better.

#10 Hairstyling

If you don’t have styling gel handy, get some petroleum jelly between your fingers and style your hair the way you want. It’s advised to be used in moderation.

#9 Lips

Apply petroleum jelly to your lips to keep them moisturized. Add a pinch of cinnamon to plump them up

#8 Makeup removal

Apply some petroleum jelly on a cotton ball and use gently to remove all makeup, including waterproof mascara.

#7 Eyelashes

Grow longer and thicker eyelashes by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly every night before you go to bed.

#6 Perfect eyebrows

Apply some petroleum jelly on your eyebrow brush and brush in the direction you want your eyebrows to stay all day

#5 Oily makeup

On your eyelids, apply some petroleum jelly before you applying eyeshadow to give a nice, glossy look.

#4 Diaper rash

Wash your baby’s skin thoroughly and pat dry. Now apply petroleum jelly to form a protective layer and avoid diaper rash.

#3 Everlasting scent

Dab some petroleum jelly on the skin of your wrists to make your perfume scent last longer.

#2 Body scrub

Mix petroleum jelly with sea salt, coffee, or cane sugar to make a body scrub.

#1 Bronzer

Before applying a bronzing cream, lubricate dry areas of skin on the knees and elbows with petroleum jelly. The cream will cover your skin evenly, giving you a nice tan.

Care to share any other petroleum jelly hacks with us? Use the Comments section below. For more useful hacks, check out Top 12 Amazing Hacks with Vicks VapoRub You Should Know.


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