These Photoshop Geniuses Are Probably The Winners Of Photoshop Battles Of All Times

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If there is anything that we can call the folks who are experts in Photoshop, then it would probably be “Masters of Transformation”. With great serenity and focus, they have the power in them to transform literally any image to its better version. Photoshop prodigies across the globe are in competition to win a battle, and we are merely viewers and judges.

In our second part of the photoshop war, we bring to you the best from the world of image manipulation. And in the comments below, please do tell us which of these images are now imprinted in your mind. 

#40 This Wide Eyed Cat

#39 Microscopic Image Of A Tapeworm Head

 #38 This Cat With A Skull On His Chest

# 37 This Fox Pooing In A Golf Putting Hole

#36 This Dog Shaking Its Fur

#35 Devastated Elmo

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#34 Wombat In A field

#33 Aaron Paul Confused By fashion

#32 Hamster Wearing A hoodie

#31 This Leopard With A Fish

#30 This Glorious Wrestling Singlet

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#29 These Three Yawning Sea Lions

#28 This dog Getting Ready To Pounce

#27 Cat And Chickens

#26 This Squirrel Doing A Super Hero Pose

#25 Dormouse Climbing A Yarrow Flower

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#24 Men Having Fun In A Garden Centre

#23 This Kid Walking His Dog In Full Astronaut Gear

#22 Shiba Inu

#21 A Seemingly Disembodied Cat’s Head

#20 This Cat Standing Up

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#19 Squirrel With Snow On Nose

#18 Aqua Dancer

 #17 This Windswept Dog#16 A Man Escaping With His Ice Cream

#15 This Snowy Owl In Mid-Descent

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#14 Donald Trump Angrily Making Two Fists

 #13 A Jewel In The Sea

#12 Measuring This Dog

#11 A White Peacock

#10 This Dog Wearing A Leaf Mask

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#9 A Tit And Showing Off Its Prey

#8 This Dear Wearing A Dead Bird Wig

#7 This Chicken With Curly Feathers

#6 The Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar

#5 Trump Screaming In A Stack Of Newspapers

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#4 This Woman Lining Up With A Book Cover

#3 This Cat Bathed In Light From A Stained Glass Window

#2 This Wave Crashing Over A Rock

#1 Trump Drinking Water

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