7 Surprising Ways The Human Body Reacts To Break-ups

If you think break-ups have an effect on the mental and psychological faculties only, you might need to re-think. You’d be surprised to know how the body buckles under the heartache of a break-up.

FeedFond has spoken to a few people and this is what has been gathered from them.

#7 Loss of appetite or weight gain. 

After having a break-up, it’s only natural that you feel down and depressed. Under such circumstances, you won’t feel like eating much and may even lose a few pounds. Stress also brings on this condition where you might have gastrointestinal issues leading to diarrhea and weight loss.

However, on the other hand, because of the stressful conditions, the cells in our body become less perceptive to insulin. So there’s a continued secretion of insulin that leads to weight gain.

You might also suffer from insomnia and many like to ‘get over’ this horrid phase of life by indulging in things that you should stay away from. Like chocolate and ice cream with an extra serving of whipped cream and caramel sauce.

#6 Hair loss.

Your mental state is not at its peak and so you would just let things slip. Forgetting that your hair needs nourishment. And so, you end up with hair loss.

#5 A real heartache.

The nerve signals sent by the brain after a breakup are similar to the ones you get when you burn your hand. So it’s not really surprising that you might feel a chest pain after a breakup. This is especially painful for people with heart conditions.

#4 Body pain.


The muscles in your body might ache after a breakup. This is again because of stress that will contract the muscles and result in spasms.

#3 Insomnia. 

After a breakup, you have to get used to being alone. Even at night. When you start to miss the physical warmth of the other person, you stay up till late.

#2 Skin problems.

Breakups are understandably not the ideal mental or physical state. So you start to skip your beauty regimen. That’s how you expose your skin to possible problems like inflammations and breakouts.

#1 Anxiety. 

You keep thinking what went wrong and how things could have been better. Thinking about a lost relationship brings on a serious bout of anxiety.

If you have any other physical or mental results of a breakup to share, feel free to do so in the Comments section below.

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