Kiah, The First Award-Winning Pit Bull Police Dog In New York

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We’re suckers for heart-warming stories, so we just HAD to write about this one…

German Shepherds and Dobermans are used as police dogs throughout the world. But who’s ever heard of a Pitbull dog serving on the police force? Well, New York definitely has! From a battered animal on the brink of death to one of the most famous canine officers in all of New York. We HAD to share the story of Kiah, the famous police dog. Read on to know more about this famous canine!


The Beginning

Kiah’s fortunes changed when she was spotted in an animal shelter by Brad Croft. Croft was operations director of UniversalK9, an organization that trains K-9 units. He was stunned at how Kiah had pulled-through after a brutal blow to her skull with a hammer by her abusive, criminal owner. Her resilience and amazing recovery convinced Croft that she could be put to good use.

Thus began Kiah’s induction to UniversalK9 and the beginning of her story. To everyone’s surprise, she rose above her difficulties and was ready to join the police force within 8 weeks.

Joining the Workforce

In July 2015, the 85-pound Kiah was selected by the Poughkeepsie Police Department as New York’s first Pitbull police dog. In 2016, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) honored Kiah with their Public Service Award. These days, the highly efficient and energetic  Kiah works with her partner, Officer Justin Bruzgul.

A goodwill ambassador, Kiah visits schools and other places with Officer Justin to teach the public about animal rescue.

A Source of Inspiration

Kiah’s story is a sensation because contrary to popular notion, Pitbull dogs are not inherently aggressive. They have earned a bad name through their association with gang leaders. Their muscular, stocky body and their block-shaped head are also responsible for their negative reputation.

The story of Kiah is inspiring because it proves how a badly treated Pitbull can rise from the ashes and make it to the top. She’s also living proof that there is no relation between specific dog breeds and their ability to work in the police force.

Kiah is not only the working partner of Officer Justin but she also shares a home with him and his family. 

If you know any dog with an exceptional story, please share with us in the Comments section below! 

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