See This Abused Pitbull’s Reaction When He Realized That His Rescuer Is Adopting Him

An abused pet faces a long, hard road to recovery after getting rescued. Removing him from an abusive situation is only the first step, followed by difficult physical recovery. And finally, there comes the period of learning to trust human beings again.

All these aside, it’s hard for an abused pet to find a loving and caring home. It’s especially difficult for pets who have noticeable physical conditions or psychological issues from their abuse.

Thankfully that didn’t happen to Mojo, a 3-month-old puppy with a bad case of Mange. He suffered serious abuse and was neglected by his previous owners. He was rescued from a home with terrible living conditions.

Joey Wagner, the creator of a nonprofit animal rescue organization in Nova Scotia, Canada, was Mojo’s rescuer. At the time of the rescue, the puppy was in very bad shape. He quickly took Mojo to an animal hospital and without the assistance of the veterinarians, the chance was high that the poor dog could lose his life.

The puppy, (later named Mojo), began his slow recovery process. There were many who wanted to adopt Mojo but the center couldn’t consider regular requests. Mojo needed special care because of the severity of his condition.

When Joey heard that Mojo was in a special adoption case, he decided to step forward. He went to the place where Mojo was still recovering.The puppy was having a routine exam, and as soon as he saw Joey, Mojo recognized his rescuer and jumped up to him showering Joey with hugs and kisses!

It was probably the greatest day in Mojo’s life when he went home with Joey. But the story doesn’t end there… now 4-years-old, Mojo leads a healthy and happy life. Although his coat never fully returned, he still loves to cuddle up with his furry friends and Joey at home.

Watch the video to see how Mojo reacted

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