Hurley the Pitbull Saves the Life of a Small Boy from a Snake

The original post has been written by Stacie Rae English about how her brother’s pitbull—Hurley—saved the life of a small boy.

The Incident

Stacie’s brother was walking Hurley late at night, around 10 pm so that the dog could be unleashed and allowed to explore. Suddenly, they heard a loud scream of a small child. Before he could run, Hurley was already on his way to the direction of the scream. What Stacie’s brother saw next was spine-chilling—Hurley grabbed a copperhead snake, hurled it around and flung it away from the child. When found later, the snake was confirmed as dead. Too scared, the little boy ran away too fast to be checked on by Stacie’s brother. He next called animal control and Highland Village Cops to take a look at the scene.



Animal control asked Stacie’s brother to check if Hurley had been bitten. Sure enough, Hurley was bleeding, foaming at his mouth, had a swollen face, and two puncture wounds on his upper lip. He was rushed to the Denton Animal Emergency Hospital. Hurley spent the night there so that the vets could check his blood-clotting ability multiple numbers of times.

All’s well that ends well

The next morning, Hurley and his owner returned home. Other than a swollen face and neck, he was doing fine.


Stacie is yet to find out if the little boy from that night is okay. However, kudos to Hurley, the pitbull lab mix, who risked his own life to save that of a child. People who claim that pitbulls are dangerous may stand corrected after reading Hurley’s story of bravery.

Stacie’s story about Hurley was posted on Facebook and as a sign to show support for pitbulls, it has 76k reactions and 21,934 shares.

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