Avoid These 11 Poisonous Foods For Your Dogs

While it may be fun to treat our best friend with human food when they have been especially well-behaved or brave, however, there are some foods that are best left for human consumption. Knowing what NOT to give your dog is essential in preventing heartaches and lifelong pain.

Following are the top foods that should never be accessed by your dog or given out by you as a treat.

# 1. Xylitol


This substance is found in sugar-free gum, some medicines, and peanut butter, the consumption of which by dogs can lead to dire consequences including liver failure, seizures, and brain damage . So keep your pack of sugar-free gum well away from your curious dogs.

#2. The 3 Cs: Chocolate, Coffee and Caffeine

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These contain a substance known as Theobromine that can trigger diarrhea, dehydration, and high blood pressure in your dog, sometimes proving to be fatal.  Hence, it’s better to keep our beverages, coffee and tea out of reach of our inquisitive friends.

#3. Grapes and raisins

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Grapes and raisins may cause kidney failure in dogs although the amount that can cause toxicity is not known for certain. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so avoid giving grapes and raisins to your dog.

#4. Dairy Foods


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Dogs are naturally lactose-intolerant as their body does not produce a particular enzyme that helps to digest dairy foods. Therefore, dogs should not be given milk, cheese and other dairy products that can cause an upset stomach.

# 5. Fresh fruits

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Fresh fruits with seeds can cause choking in dogs and some seeds contain a chemical called amygdalin that might trigger stomach upset. So keep fruits out of reach!

# 6. Garlic and onion

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Both raw and cooked garlic and onion are not recommended at all for dogs as these contain organosulfides that may cause anemia. So next time you cook meat for your dog, make sure you leave out garlic and onion.

# 7. Raw or under-cooked meat and eggs

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While raw or cooked bones pose a choking hazard for dogs, raw or under-cooked meat and eggs may carry harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning in much the same way they do in humans.

# 8. Salt and salty snacks

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Salt and salty snacks may lead to frequent urination and thirst, causing sodium imbalance in the body. Dogs suffering from excess salt intake show signs like vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and higher body temperature. So be careful with where you put that half-finished pack of Doritos.

# 9. Nuts 

Source 1

Oils and fats in nuts may induce vomiting, diarrhea and even pancreatitis that damages the pancreas. Macadamia nuts are especially lethal for dogs that lead to depression, weakness, vomiting, seizures and hyperthermia or very high body temperature.

# 10. Alcohol


Alcohol consumption in dogs may trigger breathing difficulty, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, lack of coordination, coma and even death. So stash away your half-open bottle in a cupboard. Many people try out alcohol on their dogs for fun. Such acts can turn fun into a funeral.

# 11. Raw yeast dough


Try keeping your dog away when you’re baking. Raw yeast dough, if consumed by your dog, will rise in the stomach, pushing the diaphragm and causing breathing difficulty.

This list of absolute no-no foods for our furry friends can be printed and pasted on the fridge where all family members can see. Be careful about storing these foods in places which cannot be accessed by your dogs.

If we are aware of what may cause harm to our dogs, we can prevent our beloved companions from consuming the wrong type of food and meeting an untimely and painful end.

Read on these homemade dog treats that you can easily serve to your beloved pet. 

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