7 Popular Skincare Regimen Trends Every Woman Should Know

7 Popular Skincare Regimen Trends Every Woman Should Know

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If you’ve not opted for the contemporary ways to take care of your skin, you’re really missing out something significant. Although makeup has been on the top of the beautysphere for years, skincare is finally fighting back now. It seems like all the cosmetics out there are done with having a party on your face and now your skin has got a hangover.

So, the time to get back to skincare has come again when you must soothe your skin. However, all of us are pretty savvy now when it comes to our skin. We know our hyaluronic acids from their molecular structure itself. Hence, skincare trends are more about such products which can really make a difference.

Read on know about those trends. 

1. Microbiome Support is On the Top

Who doesn’t know about the popular moisturizers in the market?

Many of us don’t have any idea on products which are based on microbiome support. Microbiome of the skin consists of a population of microorganisms present on the surface of the skin. These microbes along with the moisture barrier of the skin make the skin look at its best.

When there are many environmental aggressors disturbing this great balance, experts are believing in such products which are formulated with prebiotics. For example, La Roche-Posay Lipikar body moisturizer is one such type which can have a fantastic rebalancing effect on the skin. The popular brands dealing with premium quality beauty products like Debenhams can be the right place to buy such products. 

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2. Bespoke Skincare is Making a Difference

A skincare trend which has picked up a lot of steam in recent years is nothing but the Bespoke. It is all about choosing a skin care regimen which is customized to the skin of an individual. This trend is already creating a buzz and it is expected to attain even more traction in the coming months.


The brands like Blend and Boost, Subtle Green etc. are letting people follow this trend in an extremely easy way. They make sure to review the needs of your skin with the help of a comprehensive skincare analysis. Thereafter, these brands create customized products just for you.

Moreover, the bigger brands like Clarins are also getting into this custom trend gradually. One of the biggest examples of that is the collection of their newly launched DIY Boosters. All that you need to do is just add a few drops of it in your daily cream whenever you feel that your skin is lagging of hydration or a hit of energy. 

3. Crystal-Infused Skincare is Rising

It is no surprise that crystals are totally trending in the world of skincare. In fact, beauty experts are liking this concept like never before. The bright crystals are becoming an integral part of every girl’s skincare routine. They are not just for warding off bad vibes or decorating bookshelves anymore. You can coat your skin with them to make it look radiant. Interestingly, you don’t have to rub crystals over your skin.

Rather, there are a number of face masks and creams available now which are being formulated with the beneficial crystals like amethyst, tourmaline etc. With them, you can easily give your skin a glowing touch. 

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4. Rubber Face Masks are Popular Now

Face masks are not something new when it comes to skincare. They are leading the market for many years. However, the specific type of face mask that women are loving in 2018 is the one which has rubber as its primary constituent. It is one of the latest K-beauty trends that you can catch on Stateside.

As rubber face masks are packed with various beneficial ingredients for skin, there’s no reason to not opt for them. In short, there’s simply nothing to not like in a pack of premium quality rubber mask!

5. At-home Skin Care Gadgets are Making Sense

Like the home improvement tools are getting a huge popularity, skincare gadgets are accelerating in the same way. It’s certainly not about concocting the beauty products that you use. Here, it is all about the at-home gadgets for skincare.

For example, people are heading more towards the DIY light therapy masks, microdermabrasion tools, anti-aging lasers etc. All of these pieces of smart technologies are gaining a huge traction in the world of beauty and skincare. 

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6. Natural and Nourishing Ingredients are Getting Loved

Of course, skincare can be more precisely referred to as ‘organic skincare’ in recent years. The women from all around the world are after the natural products which can boost up the texture of their skin from within. Above that, the great thing is that such products have no unnecessary side effects.

All that the experts from various skincare sensations commented are making the picture more clear.

Expert Thoughts:

As per Andree Austin, co-founder of Pure Fiji, “Natural ingredients continue to rise with people being more aware of ingredients along with more simplified routines and multitasking products.” Bunnie Gulick, founder, and CEO, ISUN, said: “Growing awareness and the trend toward what is true in attunement with nature will expand as people wake up to what is real and healing.”

According to Boldijarre Koronczay, president, Eminence Organic Skincare, “Expect the unexpected. Whether it’s a balm-to-milky cleanser or a gel-clay mask, innovative technologies allow us to create skin-changing, transformative products from natural, organic, and biodynamic ingredients.”

7. Smart Night Moves for Skincare

A yet another important skincare trend is that you should opt for a perfect nightly routine. After the 9-to-5 grind when your skin remains exposed to various environmental stress, it should rejuvenate at the night. You must start by cleaning your face while applying a gentle cleanser followed by a good serum and moisturizing cream.

It is expected that the trend of distressing and repairing your skin with sleep masks and overnight creams will be popular for many more years to come. Its main objective is to focus on chronobiology so that the skin’s natural biorhythms never stop. Finally, it promotes a stunning radiance by morning! 

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Final Thoughts

Aren’t these amazing skincare trends worth following? If you’ve not started doing so yet, make a move soon. You’ll definitely end up improving the texture and look of your skin like never before. Keep glowing and stay beautiful!

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