Postpartum Baby Bump Pictures Show the Reality of Pregnancy

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Many people may be surprised to learn the way women’s bodies change during pregnancy. Many women are even more shocked at the time it takes for their body to get back to pre-baby days. Pregnancy is not easy—either physically or mentally. Moms have the hardest time trying their body get back on track after they’ve given birth. Not many women bounce back magically to their previous self right after pregnancy.

Things may appear easy but one mom, Julie Bhosale, shows a series of postpartum pictures that trace the way her body changed. She looks pregnant even after her baby is born—and that’s the real picture.

Scroll down to look at Bhosale’s picture series taken over fourteen weeks. She took these pictures to encourage other moms not to be disheartened about their body post-pregnancy. Her pictures show it takes a lot of time to recover from pregnancy; women should be encouraged to be patient during the recovery and transition.

It’s both normal and common to feel depressed or insecure with body image. Unfortunately, society has taught us to look at our bodies only. Bhosale’s real-life pictorial story is meant to change the way we see women’s bodies post-pregnancy, to help us appreciate the intense changes pregnancy means for a woman’s body and how long it takes to get back the old figure.

# 37-weeks pregnant and day after giving birth


There’s hardly a difference before and after the baby is born.

# Two days after giving birth


It’s not easy for moms to have to receive guests and have to skip showering.

# One week postpartum


The watermelon belly is still there, as are the pads and the PJs.

# Two weeks postpartum


Starting to lose the pregnancy belly, but still, a long way to go to wear pre-pregnancy clothes.

# Ten weeks after giving birth


No sign of the abs yet, as the tummy is still left with stretched, extra skin.

# Fourteen weeks postpartum


At this stage, she felt she could put away the baggy t-shirts; however, it’s not as if she bounced back to having a flat stomach and obvious abs. There are still some obvious signs of pregnancy 14-weeks afterward and she’s left with stretch marks.

Share your postpartum story and pictures with us in the Comments section below—help new moms know it’s alright to look a little lumpy and that it’s hard work to get back to their previous figure.

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