Improve Your Life with These Top 20 Psychological Tricks


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There are so many little tricks and tips that can enhance the quality of your life. Be it paying more attention to the supermarket shelf with the cheapest products or reading nonverbal cues of someone you’ve just met, some handy psychological tricks can help you assess your situation better and make the most of the things.

Read on to find out more about how to have a better life.

#20 Body Language Says it all!

You can tell how a person feels about you by paying attention to and reading their body language. If they cross their arms and/or legs, they are not quite sure about you. However, if their posture is more open and relaxed, it’s a sign that they have positive feelings towards you.

#19 Low-priced products

Low-priced products are usually placed on the top shelves in a supermarket and never at your eye level. Keep an eye out for lower-priced items just a little higher on the shelf.

#18 Eternal Flame

To make candles last longer, put them in the freezer for a few hours before you light them.

#17 Google logo to the rescue

If you want to check the quality of ink in your printer, print a page with the Google logo on it. It has the four primary colors.

#16 4 pounds vs 1.5 pounds

If you eat quickly, you’ll gain weight quickly. Studies have shown that those who are fast gulpers gained 4 pounds in a month as opposed to slow eaters who gained only 1.5 pounds.

#15 Dress to impress

Dress in muted tones when you visit the zoo. This way, the animals will perceive you as zookeepers and won’t be afraid of you.

#14 Bananas

Also known as the “happiness fruit”, eating a banana in the morning will make you feel happier and better equipped to face negativities. 

#13 Coffee before a workout

Drinking coffee before you start a workout will help increase your metabolism and burn more calories

#12 Antidote to mosquito bite

Warm a spoon and place it on the area of skin where you were bitten by a mosquito. The reaction will stop instantly and you won’t feel anymore itching.

#11 Call 911

During an emergency when you call 911, disclose your location first so that the operator can send help immediately, even before the call ends.

#10 Napping is good

Taking an afternoon siesta is helpful to improve memory and reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases. However, sleeping for more than 9 hours affects the immune system adversely, so try to keep it in balance.

#9 Watermelons are the new Viagra

Watermelons do the same function in your body as Viagra—they dilate and relax the blood vessels in your body.

#8 More music, more weight

If you’re listening to music while working out, studies suggest you’ll be able to lift 15% more weight.

#7 A Fistful of memory

If you’re trying to recall something, clench your fist to trigger brain activity and memory.

#6 Brainpower

Increase your brain power by doing things with your non-dominant hand. Your brain will learn to think differently and you will be better at doing different kinds of things.

#5 Deal with it

If you don’t know what to do with noisy little kids, just think of them as drunk little adults.

#4 Pump up the jam

Listening to loud music helps you relax and feel happier.

#3 Burn fat as you sleep

If you drink green tea before going to bed, you’ll burn fat even while you’re asleep as the green tea helps boost metabolism.

#2 4-7-8


Do the 4-7-8 breathing technique for 4 times to fall asleep or to calm your nerves. For details on 4-7-8 technique, check out The Magic Mantra to Fall Asleep Within Just One Minute.

#1 Cool it with yogurt

Fat-free yogurt or two teaspoons of nuts can immediately calm you down in stressful situations. They contain amino acids that help you to relax.

Do you want to share any tips that can improve the quality of life? Please use the Comments section below.


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