9 Psychological Tricks To Be The Most Charming Person In The Universe


Ever wondered why your friend who walks into a crowded room can attract so much attention every single time? Just what is it that makes your friend so charming and so popular wherever she goes?

Well, according to Jeff Haden, a management professional with 30 business books under his belt, there are 9 psychological tricks anyone can play to be the charmer on every occasion.

Scroll down to find out what you can do to be in the limelight!

#1 Never be afraid to lose.

In an argument, a real charmer will never be afraid to admit defeat. Moreover, they’ll always be open about their own shortcomings and will even openly embrace them. They know that their honesty and simplicity warms others towards them.

#2 Be sincerely happy to meet others.

A charming person will SHOW you that they’re happy to see you. They take a sincere and genuine interest in you and know how to show it. They pay close attention to what the other person is saying and how they are reacting. And they will match their emotions with them. This makes the other person feel heard and understood – something so many of us desperately want and need.

#3 Try to forge a mutual understanding.

Sometimes it’s hard for people to start a conversation. For charmers, this is very simple. They just look for a common topic to start with. Whether it’s a vacation they went on or a common acquaintance, it’s easy to keep a conversation going once a common ground is found.

#4 Use the power of touch to convey emotions.

Charming people know exactly how to use body language and touch to convey powerful emotions. A pat on the shoulder or a warm hug carries more weight than words sometimes. Depending on the situation and the extent of intimacy, it’s a good idea to touch someone in an appropriate way to inject emotion into your words.

#5 Never wear a blank look.

To be charming, one needs to use the right non-verbal cues – facial expressions and body language. Someone who can eloquently and elaborately tell a story with the right pause, the right frown, and the right gesture will always be the center of attention. So take note and use this to your advantage if you want to be better at connecting with people.

#6 Don’t be afraid to clown around.

Charmers know how to act like a clown. It shows they’re normal people and so it strikes a chord with others. Self-deprecating humor is disarming, and imbibes a sense of humility and likability and is extremely powerful in social situations where people have their guard up like in sales or when meeting someone for the first time.

#7 Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

People who ask lots of questions about others are natural charmers. They show their interest and sincerity when they want to know more about others. When you ask a question about their hobbies, their career, or their childhood, it shows you’re trying to find common ground and give them a chance to talk about their favorite person in the world – THEMSELVES.

#8 Try to remember names.

When somebody we don’t know very well remembers our name, we attach a lot of importance to that person because they took the time to think about us. Remembering little details about us is so endearing because it shows that the person cares about us when they ostensibly have no real reason to. It makes them feel important, liked, and understood.

#9 Be a good listener.

Charming people talk less and listen more. They give the other person a chance to finish what they were saying and show genuine interest. A good listener always wins the heart of others because they provide a sounding board, which we all need once in awhile.

Do you have any more tips on how to be a charming person? Share with us in the Comments section below!

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