Four Young Ligers Are Taking Over the Internet With Their Cute Pictures

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Yeti, Odlin, Sampson, and Apollo are four furry big cubs born from a white tiger and a white lion. Ligers—crossbred offspring of tigers and lions—are rare. There are only about 1,000 of these in existence in the world, most of which live in captivity.


Meet the parents

What makes Yeti, Odlin, Sampson, and Apollo extra special are that they are probably the first white ligers in this world. Their parents are Ivory—a white lion—and Saraswati—a white tiger.


White tigers and white lions are also very rare—there are only approximately 300 white lions and 1,200 white tigers roaming the earth.

The abode

The four brothers and their parents live in the T.I.G.E.R. Sanctuary located in South Carolina. This sanctuary is known for having successfully bred ligers. One of their largest residents is Hercules. He weighs 922 pounds and loves to play with his handlers and the ligers, Yeti, Odlin, Sampson, and Apollo.


The growing years

Yeti, Odlin, Sampson, and Apollo gain about a pound each day and look like they’ll grow up to be as big as Hercules.


These liger cubs have traits from both a tiger and a lion. They love swimming (like tigers) and are sociable (like lions). However, each of the brothers has their own unique characteristics. Apollo is the smallest and loves being petted by handlers, just like most house cats. Yeti is the heart of the party and loves attention. The founder of the sanctuary—Dr. Antle—believes Yeti will grow up to be larger than Hercules.

Dr. Antle thinks that by the time these liger cubs are two years old, they will be ten feet long and weigh approximately 750 pounds!


Share your thoughts on these white liger cubs in the Comments section below. You might like to read about Quimera the Two-Faced Cat with a Huge Instagram Account.

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