A Rare Set of Newborn Twins Arrive to Surprised Parents

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Becoming a parent changes your life forever—you are ushered into a completely new era. You forget all the hardships of pregnancy the moment you lay your eyes on your literal bundle of joy. Typically, these emotions are intensified when a couple is expecting twins. Twins give double the joy and fun.

Difficult pregnancy


Bill and Sarah Thistlethwaite were one such lucky couple, parents of twins. However, Sarah went through a difficult pregnancy because her girls were mono amniotic—which means, they shared the same amniotic sac and placenta. It’s a high-risk situation because there is a chance that the babies can get entangled in the umbilical cord. If this happens, it can cut off blood supply, leading to the death of one child. Sarah had to spend the last 57 days of her 33-week pregnancy on bed rest.


It’s a miracle


Thankfully, Sarah safely delivered her twin girls—Jenna and Jillian—via  C-section. Both Bill and Sarah were overcome with emotion at the sight of their newborn twins. Within moments, their anguish and the pain of a difficult pregnancy vanished into thin air. All they could do was to look at their healthy girls.

But what surprised them, even more, was that Jenna and Jillian made their first appearance latched onto each other, holding hands. What a beautiful sight. It was as if to say they had overcome the difficulties of being monoamniotic twins and were sworn to support each other throughout their lives.


If you have a similar story, share with us in the Comments section below. For more pregnancy stories, check out 15 Pictures Proving C-sections Are Not an Easy Way Out for Moms.

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