Top 8 Real Horror Stories Of Luckless Homeowners


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So you wanted your own home all your life and you’ve been saving every cent and working overtime. Finally, you have saved enough to invest in your dream home and stop worrying about paying the rent. You just need to think about mortgaging.

You look around at homes and have meetings with the real estate agent until you find the sweetest deal that must have been sent down from Heaven only for you.

What if you find something else along with the sweet deal?

Scroll down to read 8 incidents new homeowners experienced. And none of these were a pleasant surprise. Brace yourself!

#8 A Real Serpentine Case


When Ben and Amber Sessions moved to their new home in Idaho in 2009, what they got with their home was beyond their wildest imagination. Hoards of snakes! Fooled by the real estate agent, the couple walked into a real nightmare. Sessions killed 42 snakes in one day but still wasn’t rid of the slithering beings. Three months after moving in, the couple surrendered to these serpentine circumstances and decided to file for bankruptcy. The house was closed down and the couple is still haunted by the memories of the snakes that had taken over their lives.

#7 Little Girls’ Shoes


A little after a couple moved into their new home, they checked the basement to find a box filled with hundreds of pairs of little girls’ shoes. When they contacted the agent and wanted to return these to the previous owner, they were told that the last owners were an elderly couple who had no kids of their own. The couple was freaked out!

#6 Burial Ground


Catherine McGuigan and her son had been living in a 19th-century house for eleven years before they thought of making an extension. That’s when they discovered there was a hidden burial ground for the Quakers dating back to the 1700s. However, this story has a sweet ending as Catherine fell for one of the builders and got engaged to him.

#5 A Mummified Body


In 2007 in Spain, a bank took back the possession of a house, the owner of which had stopped paying the mortgage for six years. When the new owner, Jorge Giro, moved into this house, the mystery of unpaid mortgage was solved. The previous owner was found dead and mummified in her home. Her body had been preserved by the salt in the seaside town.

#4 Bombastic.


In Indiana, a couple moved into their new home in 2010. When Linda was cleaning the cobwebs around her husband’s “cave”, she was alarmed to see an object that looked like a torpedo. Her husband was nonchalant about it. Their son who had been to two tours in Iraq was on a break and visiting his parents. When he saw it, he advised his parents to put it back where it was as there was a chance that it was active. So, the bomb squad was called in and it eventually turned out to be without explosives. But it gave the owners quite a scare!

#3 Dripping Walls


A Texas homeowner found brown sticky liquid dripping down the walls of her new home. She thought she was on the set of a horror movie. But it turned out that bees were behind this unusual sight. There were about 50,000 bees residing in the space above her ceiling and the brown liquid was nothing but honey! Honey was oozing out from every crack and crevice of her home.

#2 A Poisonous Hidden Room


Jason and Kerri Brown moved into their South Carolina home in 2005. One day they were moving bookcases to find a passageway to a hidden room. They were surprised to find a note labeled “YOU FOUND IT!” left by the previous owner. The note was a warning to the new homeowners that the home had a serious mold problem. Serious enough to have made his children sick and forcing them to leave. There was an email address included in the note for further queries. So, it was found out that the previous owner were first-time home buyers but had to move out soon after their daughters fell sick. They were unable to pay the mortgage and filed for bankruptcy.

#1 Haunting Old Flame


A 41-year old mom of five children smelled something suspicious in their new home in South Carolina. Tracey heard unfamiliar sounds and saw some nails coming through the ceiling. When she took her two older sons to investigate, they noticed nothing unusual. On the same night, when Tracey heard thumping and bumping and saw plaster from the ceiling come off, she took her nephew with her to get to the bottom of the matter. They found that there had been a light and cups of excretion. Tracey believed that her ex-boyfriend had been living in her attic. He had been in jail for stealing her truck.

Talk about a strange strange world! If you have any horror stories to share, do use the Comments section below! You might also like to read 12 Unbelievable Coincidences Around The World That Will Leave You Puzzled.


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