Does Your Dog Sometimes Act Strangely? Here Are 11 Reasons Why!

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We all know that dogs sometimes act weird. They chase their tails, bark at the mailman, or hide when there is a thunderstorm. This strange behavior may not make much sense to us but is perfectly natural for a dog. These habits are seen in every dog and unless the dog is highly intelligent, or trained to behave otherwise, that’s just how they’ll act.

Here’s a list of 11 things of weird things your dogs might be doing and the science behind it explained.

#11 Howling

Howling is considered an evolutionary trait in canines. They howl when they have found food or let the members of their packs know where they are. Domesticated dogs rarely howl. But scientists believe that they howl because dogs feel satisfaction or pleasure from howling.

#10 Chasing Tails

It’s probably the most common ‘weird’ thing you’ve seen your dog do. The simplest explanation is, dogs chase their tails because they are confused. It’s mostly seen with puppies as they don’t realize that the tail is part of their bodies. Dogs tend to grow out of this behavior as they are older.

#9 Barking at Reflections

Most animals don’t realize that they are seeing themselves in a reflection. Dogs are no different. Puppies tend to think that their reflection is another fellow puppy. And they tend to ignore this as they are older – still not realizing the truth.

Did you know that human babies also take quite a bit of time to recognize a reflection too?

#8 Walking in circles before lying down

This action can be explained fairly easily. Just like some of us fluff up our pillows and make them softer before lying down, Dogs do the same with grass. As they have no hands, they walk around to make the grass softer and make the spot more comfortable spot before lying down.

#7 Sitting on your feet

One of the primary reasons dogs will sit on your feet is because they are cold. Sitting at your feet provides them with the warmth and comfort they need. The other reason is that they feel safe with their owner’s proximity. They will sometimes also jump on your lap if you are sitting or lying down.

#6 Doggy kisses

In simple terms, dogs show love by licking and kissing. Mother dogs lick their puppies clean and show affection the same way. You might think it’s gross but in their terms – they just love you. Research also suggests that dogs use their tongues to taste and sense the world around them. Whereas humans touch and feel with their skin.

Did you know that dog kisses might be harmful to your mouth? Read more here.

#5 Peeing after seeing you

Sometimes dogs get excited when they see someone they love. They get so excited they actually lose control of their bladder and pee on the floor. This behavior is commonly seen with puppies who have less ‘bladder control.’

#4 The ‘Huh’ face

You’ll probably notice your dog have a habit of cocking their heads to the side when they hear certain sounds. Although this might look strange, they are just leaning towards a certain sound they want to hear better. Its commonly seen with to an unfamiliar sound, particularly high-pitched tones that us humans can’t hear.

#3 The stare bear

It’s most commonly known as the ‘puppy dog eyes’ face. If your dog gives you that heartbreaking look, then you probably one lucky owner. This expression is of longing and need of attention. Give your dog a treat or play with him for a good while. 

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#2 The booty scoot

You probably laughed (or cried) the first time you saw your dog sitting down on the carpet, skooching, and scratching. This weird butt-scratching behavior indicates that they have an itchy backside. The anal glands of the dog might be obstructed and a trip to the vet or the groomer will solve this quickly.

#1 Phantom scratching

Sometimes when you rub a dog’s belly you’ll see them scratching the air with their legs. Veterinarians call it their ‘scratch-reflex’. When certain parts are stimulated the dog’s nervous system will make their legs hop and scratch uncontrollably. This is an evolutionary design to shake off ticks and other parasites, but dogs love it when they are scratched.

Do you know of any other strange behavior? Share with us!



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